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Date Year Name Address Age
Mar 1882 MOOREJohn   79 years
Jan 1883 WALLACEEmmaMrs Thomas    
Jul 1883 WALLACEHannahMrs James    
  188? DIGBYJane    
2-Jun 1886 HINESHannah Sylvia   16 months
Jun 1886 DIGBYMary   71 years
Nov 1886 PRYKEHarry   9 days
Nov 1886 LINGRuth   22 months
10-Apr 1902 ORRISSAlice d of Harry/Elizabeth "North St Hundon"
21-Feb 1903 WALLACEThomas(died 17th 9pm) "Lower Road Hundon"
28-Apr 1904 MAYESSon of George and Rose Broxted Lodge 3 days
4-Oct 1905 CROWNMary Ann(died 29 Sep) "North Street Hundon"
End of Burials in Chapel Yard
  The following were buried in the Parish   Churchyard
18-Mar 1908 CHURCHMANHerbert Hry of Rbt/Esther Died 12 Mar 6 Months
2-Aug 1908 GOWERSJames(died 30 July) Steeplechase 76 years
23-Oct 1908 BOWERSMary Ann wife of Charles The Bridge 69 years
5-Aug 1909 GOWERSMary Ann wife of James Steeplechase Died 1 Aug