Marriages > Hundon Church Banns 1837 to 1913

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BannsDate Year Forename Surname Status Address Forename Surname Status Address MarriageDate
19/26 Feb 5 Mar 1837 Thomas CUTHBERT sm otp Betsy BOWYER sw otp Married 7th March 1837.
16/23/30 Mar 1837 Noah METCALF sm otp Elizabeth MYSON sw otp Married 24th June.
18/25 Jun 2 Jul 1837 Edward EWIN sm otp Harriett GOODY sw otp  
9/16/23 Jul 1837 William KNOCK sm otp Emily SOUTHGATE sw otp  
10/17/24 Sep 1837 George CHAPMAN sm Kedington. Harriett MURKIN sw otp  
17/24 Sep 1 Oct 1837 George SAVAGE sm Essex. ? PULHAM sw otp  
15/22/29 Oct 1837 David HUNEYBALL sm otp Hepzibah CARNT?   Wickhambrook. Married 9th Dec 1837.
5/12/19 Nov 1837 Joseph MISSEN sm otp Eliza CORNELL sw otp  
12/19/26 Nov 1837 Thomas TEADER sm otp Ann SCRIVENER sw otp  
17/24/31 Dec 1837 James RUSH widr otp Elizabeth JESPPER? sw otp  
24/31 Dec 7 Dec 1837/38 Danniel POTTER sm otp Hannah SIDNEY sw otp Dates as in Banns Book.
11/18/25 Mar 1838 John TURNER sm   Mary Ann _OO__ sw Moulton.  
25 Mar 1/8 Apr 1838 William METCALF sm otp Hannah MINGAY sw otp  
29 Apr 6/13 May 1838 Samuel CORNEL sm otp Amey EWEN sw otp Married 22nd July 1838.
7/14/21 Oct 1838 William PITT sm otp Letitia FORGE sw otp 10th Nov.
14/21/28 Oct 1838 James PITT sm otp Mary DIGBY sw otp 10th Nov 1838.
21/28 Oct 4 Nov 1838 John TAILOR sm otp Harriett PERRY sw Clare.  
28 Oct 4/11 Nov 1838 Thomas KNOCK?   otp Elizabeth LING wid   Married 26th Nov 1838.
28 Oct 4/11 Nov 1838 Joseph STEFF sm otp Martha FITCH sw otp Mar 12 Dec 1839. (Year as in entry)
3/10/17 Feb 1839 Thomas GOLDING   otp Sarah HONEYBALL   otp Married 22nd Feb 1839.
10/17/24 Mar 1839 John RIVETT widr   __nne SUTTEL wid    
9/16/23 Jun 1839 William MISSEN bach Barnardiston Mary LING spin otp  
28 Jul 4/11 Aug 1839 Martin SCRIVENER widr otp Elizabeth TURNER wid otp Married 18th Aug.
29 Sep 6/13 Oct 1839 George CLA____ bach otp Rebecca HINDS   Wickhambrook. Married 2nd Nov.
20/27 Oct 3 Nov 1839 John ANGEL widr otp Hannah SMITH wid ? Suffolk. Married 5th Nov.
27 Oct 3/10 Nov 1839 John BOWYER bach Castle Camps, Essex. Charlotte TAYLOR spin otp  
3/10/17 Nov 1839 Henry RIVETT bach otp Hetty OSBORNE spin otp Married.
1/8/15 Dec 1839 Samuel MITZEN bach otp Elizabeth SEABROOK spin Stradishall. Married 25th Dec.
15/22/29 Dec 1839 John PATRICK widr otp Elizabeth TEEDER? spin otp Mar 10 Jan 1839. (Year as in entry)
29 Dec 5/12 Jan 1839/40 John POTTER bach   Susan FURMEN spin Tilbury, Essex. Married at Tilbury.
12/19/26 Jan 1840 John ROWLIN widr otp Anne DOWNES spin Troston Married at Troston.
17/26 Jan 2 Feb 1840 James GOLDEN bach otp Sarah RUTTER spin otp Married 14th Feb.
24/31 May 6 Jun 1840 Henry EWEN bach otp Harriett WALLACE spin otp Married 26th June.
12/19/26 Jul 1840 Samuel MURKIN bach   Rebecca HAMOND spin Barnardiston Married.
13/20/27 Sep 1840 Henry JOLLY? bach otp Mary Anne TURNER spin otp Married 16th Oct.
27 Sep 4/11 Oct 1840 James WALLACE   otp Hannah MASON spin Wickhambrook Married at Wickhambrook.
27 Sep 4/11 Oct 1840 Joseph BOWERS   otp Harriett MURKIN spin Wickhambrook Married at Wickhambrook.
11/18/25 Oct 1840 Charles RUCE? bach Kedington Sarah MANSFIELD spin otp Married at Kedington.
18/25 Oct 1 Nov 1840 Henry BROOK bach otp Matilda MILLER spin otp Married 18th Nov 1840.
22/29 Nov 6 Dec 1840 John FLOWER bach otp Charlotte METCALFE spin otp Married 25th Dec.
6/13/20 Dec 1840 George ROWLEN widr otp Mary GORMER spin Wickhambrook. Married at Wickhambrook.
21/28 Mar 4 Apr 1841 George PARMENTER   otp Matilda COLLET spin Sturmer. Married 21st Apr 1841.
23/30 May 6 Jun 1841 William DIGBY bach otp Mary OSBORNE spin otp Married.
13/20/27 Jun 1841 Thomas BRAYBROOK bach otp Mary Ann METCALF spin otp Married 16th July 1841.
19/26 Sep 3 Oct 1841 William ROGERS widr otp Mary TE___R spin otp Married.
19/26 Sep 3 Oct 1841 George PLEDGER bach otp Eliza MAISE spin otp Married.
26 Sep 3/10 Oct 1841 James THOMPSON bach otp Charlotte SCRIVENER spin otp  
14/21/28 Nov 1841 John MAYES     Lucy WHITE spin Essex. Married at Birdbrook.
21/28 Nov 1841 James HUSK bach Stradishall. Eliza CLARK spin otp Given up by the ? of James HUSK.
21/28 Nov 5 Dec 1841 John SAVAGE bach otp Mary MOORE spin otp  
12/19/26 Dec 1841 Elijah LING widr otp Susan SEELEY spin otp Married 15th Jan 1842.
27 Mar 3/10 Apr 1842 Joseph MANSFIELD widr otp Anne JOLLY wid otp Married 15th Apr 1842.
17/24/31 Jul 1842 William ATTERTON bach Great Wratting. Louisa FINCH spin otp  
14/21/28 Aug 1842 John CLARKE bach otp Elizabeth WOOLARD spin otp Married 22nd Oct.
28 Aug 4/11 Sep 1842 Joseph JOLLY bach otp Harriett HINDS spin otp Married 24th Sept 1842.
11/18/25 Sep 1842 John ANGEL widr otp Sarah SAGEANT wid otp Married 26th Sept.
9/16/23 Oct 1842 Frederic LING bach otp Mary Anne WOOLEY spin Clare. Married 5th Nov.
4/11/18 Dec 1842 David CHINERY bach Walter Belchamp. Esx. Martha SARGEANT spin otp Married 3rd Feb.
12/19/26 Feb 1843 George CHAPMAN bach otp Kezia KNOCK spin otp Married 15th March.
26 Feb 5/12 Mar 1843 David ________   otp Sarah TURNER spin otp Married 7th April.
27 Aug 3/10 Sep 1843 Charles TAYLOR widr otp Anne DIVER spin otp Married 14th Sept 1843.
3/10/17 Sep 1843 Thomas SEELEY bach otp Mary Anne MITSEN spin Hallom Bury, Essex.  
3/10/17 Sep 1843 John SEELEY bach otp Anne STEFF spin otp Married 23rd Sept.
1/8/15 Oct 1843 William TAYLOR bach otp Martha FORGE spin otp Married 18th Oct.
8/15/22 Oct 1843 George SMITH bach otp Alice FRENCH spin otp Married 25th Nov 1843.
22/29 Oct 5 Nov 1843 John SAVAGE bach otp Mary MOORE spin otp Married 10th Nov 1843.
24/31 Dec 7 Jan 1843/44 Thomas SEELEY bach otp Hannah COOPER spin otp Married 12th Jan 1844.
28 Jan 4/11 Feb 1844 Elijah LING bach otp Charlotte MOOR spin otp Married.
25 Feb 3/10 Mar 1844 James THOMPSON     ______et MOOR spin   Impediment alledged not married.
7/16/23 Jun 1844 Samuel GOODEN bach   Elizabeth LING spin   Married 28th June 1844.
14/21/28 Jul 1844 George PATRICK bach otp Sarah TOMPSON spin otp Married 28th Sep 1844.
21/28 Jul 4 Aug 1844 William SARGEANT     Hannah POTTER spin   Married 14th Sept.
28 Jul 4/11 Aug 1844 William BRUTAY bach Ashen. Eliza CLARKE spin otp  
22/29 Sep 5 Oct 1844 Benjamin METCALFE bach   Sophia GRIDLEY spin   Married 23rd Oct 1844.
20/27 Oct 3 Nov 1844 George SCRIVENER bach otp ______ COWARD? spin otp  
8/15/22 Dec 1844 James THOMPSON bach   Charlotte SCRIVENER spin   Married 25th Dec 1844.
23 Feb 2/9 Mar 1845 Joseph ORRISS bach otp Eliza DIGERSON spin Denston, Suffolk.  
13/20/27 Apr 1845 Thomas MALYON   otp Sophia MANSFIELD spin otp Married 2nd May 1845.
  1845 Henry ROGERS bach otp Charlotte MURKIN spin otp Married 27th June 1845.
8 Jun 1845 Thomas HUNT bach otp Sophia RUTTER spin Denston. Stopped by Sophia RUTTER.
6/13/20 Jul 1845 Henry MARTIN bach otp Mary RIVETT spin otp  
6/13/20 Jul 1845 James CORNEL bach otp MaryAnne GOWERS spin otp  
24/31 Aug 7 Sep 1845 Thomas HUNT bach otp Sophia RUTTER spin Cowlinge. Married.
5/12/19 Oct 1845 James FLOWER   otp Ann TURNER spin otp Married.
9/16/23/ Nov 1845 John CUTHBERT bach otp Hannah COOPER spin otp Married.
9/16/23/ Nov 1845 James HOWARD widr otp Hannah ELSDEN spin otp Married.
9/16/23/ Nov 1845 Henry WISEMAN bach otp ___my FORGE spin otp Married.
7/14/21 Dec 1845 Charles TURNER bach otp Amy SEELEY spin otp Married.
21/28 Dec 4 Jan 1845/46 Josiah FORGE bach otp Rebecca WEBB spin otp Married.
4/11/18 Jan 1846 Samuel M________   otp Emily COOPER spin otp Married 1846.
1//18/25 Jan 1846 William WEBB bach otp Harriot MISSEN spin otp Married.
5/12/19 Apr 1846 Daniel CORNELL bach otp Elizabeth BO(FF)(GG)(SS)IT spin otp Married.
3/10/17 May 1846 Thomas GOODCHILD widr otp ___nah BOWERS wid otp Married.
28 June 5/12 Jul 1846 William CLARK   otp Elizabeth ATTERTON spin otp Married.
28 June 5/12 Jul 1846 John CHAPMAN widr Stradishall. Mary SAVAGE wid otp Married.
5/12/19 Jul 1846 Joseph SARGEANT bach otp Sarah ROGERS spin otp Married.
20/27 Sep 4 Oct 1846 Thomas TAYLOR widr otp Ann N____L spin otp Married.
6/13/20 Dec 1846 Joseph LING bach otp Louisa FINCH spin otp Married.
14/21/28 Feb 1847 Charles ROGERS bach otp Emma FLOWER spin otp Married.
4/11/18 Apr 1847 Samuel ORRISS   otp Caroline ROLINSON spin otp Married.
1/8/15 Aug 1847 Thomas MOOR bach otp Charlotte CLARK spin otp Married 23rd Oct.
26 Sep 3/10 Oct 1847 Joseph DIGBY bach otp Mary FRENCH spin otp Married 6th Nov.
3/10/16 Oct 1847 John WISEMAN bach otp Elizabeth MANSFIELD spin otp Married 5th Nov.
17/24/31 Oct 1847 Charles JOLLY bach otp Alice BRADMAN spin otp Married 12th Nov.
28/ Nov 5/12 Dec 1847 William LING bach otp Eliza BRAYBROOK spin otp Married 25th Dec.
5/12/19 Dec 1847 John MANSFIELD bach otp Eliza MISSEN spin otp Married 24th Dec.
19/26 Dec 2 Jan 1847/48 Robert BOWERS bach otp Susannah NUNN spin otp Married 29th Jan 1848.
11/20/27 Feb 1848 William FITCH   otp Elizabeth ORRISS   otp Married 18th Mar 1848.
26 Mar 2/9 Apr 1848 John HAYWARD bach otp __rriet THOMPSON spin otp Married 15th April.
30 Apr 7/14 May 1848 John RIVETT widr otp Sarah ANGEL wid otp  
9/16/23 Jul 1848 Joseph BURROWS bach otp Mary Anne BOWYER spin otp Married 30th July.
6/13/20 Aug 1848 Charles MURKIN   otp Frances CLARK spin otp Married 21st Oct 1848.
15/22/29 Oct 1848 Joseph TWITCHET   otp Ann SEELEY   otp Married 25th Dec 1848.
22/29 Oct 5 Nov 1848 John MALTIN bach otp Alice TURNER spin otp Married 11th Nov 1848.
22/29 Oct 5 Nov 1848 John TAYLOR widr otp Susan BRETT spin otp Married 11th Nov 1848.
3/10/17 Dec 1848 Simeon WOODHAM bach otp Philadelphia SEELEY spin otp Married 25th Dec 1848.
3/10/17 Dec 1848 George SHARPE bach Stradishall. Sarah HOWARD spin otp Married at Stradishall.
18/25 Mar 1 Apr 1849 Robert CROWN bach otp Mary Anne AMBROSE spin otp Married 17th April 1849.
3/10/17 Jun 1849 John CLARK widr otp Mary TAYLOR spin otp Married 7th July.
11/18/25 Nov 1849 Conelius FORGE bach otp Hannah FINCH spin otp  
9/16/23 Dec 1849 Robert ELLSDEN widr otp _____h WESTROPP wid otp  
16/23/30 Dec 1849 Charles CUTHBERT bach otp Elizabeth WHITTAKER   Ketton. Married 31st Dec 1849.
22/29 Oct 6 Oct 1850 James OSBORNE bach otp Eliza MARTIN spin otp Married 19th Oct.
22/29 Oct 6 Oct 1850 George WHITTAKER bach otp Mary Anne LING spin otp Married 18th Oct.
27 Oct 3/10 Nov 1850 Noah SAVAGE bach otp Ann CHAPMAN spin Stradishall.  
1/8/15 Dec 1850 William BRADMAN widr otp Elizabeth CHAPMAN   Little Thurlow. Not married.
1/8/15 Dec 1850 James SILVESTER bach   Ann DIGBY spin Withersfield. Married. 23rd Jan 1851.
1/8/15 Dec 1850 William OSBORN bach otp Tabitha? LING spin otp Married. 25th Dec.
13/20/27 Jul 1851 William FITCH widr otp Ann ROGERS wid otp Married.
7/14/21 Sep 1851 George MURKIN bach otp Jemma ORRISS   otp Married 11th Oct.
12/19/26 Oct 1851 Nathan TURNER bach Kedington. Mary SCRIVENER spin otp Married 21st Nov.
2/9/16 Nov 1851 William WOOLWARD bach otp Lydia MANSFIELD spin otp Married 25th Dec.
16/23/30 Nov 1851 George BALDRY widr otp Susan ELLSDEN spin otp  
23/30 Nov 6 Dec 1851 Thomas STARLING bach Stradishall. Susan POTTER spin otp Married 26th Dec.
4/11/18 Jan 1852 Thomas PAWSEY widr otp Harriett MOORE spin otp Married 27th Jan.
18/25 Jan 1 Feb 1852 John ROWLEN widr otp Hannah DIGBY wid otp Asked again after about 3 months.
21/28 Mar 4 Apr 1852 David MALTING bach otp Harriett PASK spin otp Married 10th April.
28 Mar 4/11 Apr 1852 Matthew SEALEY bach   Charlotte FROST spin    
18/25 Apr 2 May 1852 William WALLACE widr otp Anne FORGE spin otp Married 21st May.
6/13/20 June 1852 Henry EWEN widr otp Catherine WALLACE spin otp  
13//27 Jun 4 Jul 1852 John ROWLEN widr otp Hannah DIGBY wid otp Married 22nd July 1852.
13 Jun 4/11 Jul 1852 John MURKEN bach otp Emma RUSE? REEVE? spin otp Married 24th July.
8/15/22 Aug 1852 Samson? SEELEY bach otp Caroline ROGERS spin otp Married 16th Oct 1852.
5/12/19 Dec 1852 Thomas WALLACE bach otp Emma SPARROW spin otp  
19/25 Dec 2 Jan 1852/53 Charles BOWERS bach otp Lucy LING spin otp Married 15th Jan 1853.
9/16/23 Jan 1853 Robert TURNER bach otp Mary Ann WHITTAKER wid otp Married 2nd? Feb 1853.
16/23/30 Jan 1853 John MARTIN widr Little Wratting. Susan LING wid otp  
16/23/30 Jan 1853 George MORTLOCK   otp Susan LING spin otp Married 4th Feb 1853.
23/30 Jan 6 Feb 1853 Alfred BRAYBROOK bach otp Emily MOOR? spin otp Married.
20/27 Mar 3 Apr 1853 William ORRISS bach otp Mary BURROWS spin otp Married 16th April 1853.
17/24 Apr 1 May 1853 James MORTLOCK bach otp Hannah? BOWERS spin otp Married 28th May.
17/24 Apr 1 May 1853 George FLOWER bach otp Sarah FITCH spin otp Married 6th May.
29 May 5/12 Jun 1853 Elijah LING widr otp Hannah TAYLER spin otp Married 14th Aug.
12/19/26 Jun 1853 Thomas CROWN bach otp Jane GIBBINS wid otp Married 20th Aug.
12/19/26 Jun 1853 William NUNN bach otp Eliza SEELEY spin otp Married.
3/10/17 Jul 1853 David SEELEY bach otp Ellen REEVE spin otp Married 2nd Aug.
18/25 Sep 2 Oct 1853 John COOPER bach otp Elizabeth NUNN spin otp Married 16th Oct.
2/9/16 Oct 1853 Henry FORGE bach otp Susan RANSOM spin otp Married 12th Nov.
2/9/16 Oct 1853 John GOODE bach otp Emma ORRISS spin otp Married 22nd Oct.
9/16/23 Oct 1853 Cornelius FORGE   otp Hannah FINCH spin otp  
23/30 Oct 6 Nov 1853 Joseph OSBORN bach otp Jane OSBORNE spin otp Married 18th Dec.
20/27 Nov 4 Dec 1853 George CUDBY bach Stoke. Susan CUDBY spin otp  
29 Jan 5/12 Feb 1854 David GOWERS bach otp ___nah SEELEY spin otp Married 4th April.
12/19/26 Mar 1854 William MAYES bach otp Sarah OSBORNE spin otp Married 1st April 1854.
2/9/16 Apr 1854 Matthew TAYLOR widr   Keziah MURKIN wid    
9/16/23 Apr 1854 Thomas MURKIN bach otp Dinah THOUROGOOD spin otp Married 6th May 1854.
10/17/24 Sep 1854 Frederick MEARS   Stoke Martha SCRIVENER spin otp Married 24th Sept 1854.
22/29 Oct 5 Nov 1854 George ORRISS bach otp Hannah COOPER spin otp Married 11th Nov.
29 Oct 5/12 Nov 1854 John ROGERS bach otp Bathsheba COOPER spin otp Married 18th Nov.
26 Nov 3/10 Dec 1854 George ORRISS bach   Susan THOMPSON spin otp Married 25th Dec.
24/31 Dec 7 Jan 1854/55 David FITCH bach otp Elizabeth MANSFIELD spin otp Married 13th Jan 1855.
24/31 Dec 7 Jan 1854/55 Samuel COOPER   otp Susan MOOR spin otp Married 13th Jan 1855.
8/15/22 Apr 1855 Charles COOK bach Barnardiston. Emma ORRISS spin otp Married 25th May 1855.
15/22/29 Jul 1855 Henry WEBB widr otp Martha BURROWS wid otp Married 10th Aug.
23/30 Sep 7 Oct 1855 Benjamin PRICE? bach Clare. Elizabeth RUSH spin otp Married 13th Oct.
11/18/25 Nov 1855 George PATRICK bach otp Caroline FITCH spin otp Married 13th Oct.
28 Nov 2/9 Dec 1855 John FLOWER widr otp Elizabeth MANSFIELD spin otp Married 19th Jan 1856.
2/9/16 Dec 1855 Joseph RUSHBROOK? bach Great Thurlow. Ellen ? spin otp Married at Great Thurlow.
16/23/30 Dec 1855 Robert REEVE bach otp Mary BOWERS spin otp Married 30th Jan 1856.
13/20/27 Jan 1856 Cornelius FORGE bach   Hannah FINCH spin   Married 2nd Feb 1856.
3/10/17 Feb 1856 George METCALFE bach   Catherine SWAN spin   Married 29th Feb.
2/9/16 Mar 1856 David Farrance GLAZEN bach Clare. Emma LENNEY spin otp  
4/11/18 May 1856 John PARMENTER bach   Emma FINCH spin    
4/11/18 May 1856 John PARMENTER bach   Emma FINCH spin    
29 Jun 6/13 Jul 1856 ? TAYLOR widr otp Sarah MAYES spin otp Married 3rd Aug.
3/10/17 Aug 1856 John FORGE bach otp Jane WHITEHORN spin otp Married 18th Aug.
17/24/31 Aug 1856 Joseph PATRICK bach   Susan DIGBY spin   Married 1st Nov.
7/14/21 Sep 1856 Thomas INCH bach Clare. E____a TEEDER spin otp Married 18th Oct.
14/21/28 Sep 1856 John SAMS bach otp Mary Ann LING spin otp Married 11th Oct 1856.
19/26 Oct 2 Nov 1856 George DIGBY bach otp Susannah WIPPS spin Birdbrook. Married at Wickhambrook.
26 Oct 2/9 Nov 1856 David OSBORNE   otp Susannah GOWERS spin otp  
9/16/23 Nov 1856 William MOORE bach otp Elizabeth FITCH spin otp Married 25th.
16/23/30 Nov 1856 Charles TAYLOR bach otp Susan MAYES spin otp Married 20th Dec 1856.
23/30 Nov 7 Dec 1856 George TURNER bach otp Naomi SAMS spin otp Married 25th Dec.
28 Dec 4/11 Jan 1856/57 Samuel FITCH widr otp Sarah JOHNSON wid Stoke. Married at Stoke.
25 Jan 1/8 Feb 1857 William BOWERS bach otp Mary Ann TAYLOR spin otp Married.
19/26 Jul 2 Aug 1857 Charles WHITING   otp SarahAnne MANSFIELD spin otp Married 11th Aug 1857.
30 Aug 6/13 Sep 1857 David MAYER? bach otp Jane PITT spin otp  
10/27 Sep 4 Oct 1857 Alfred METCALFE bach otp Mary Anne Goult SPENCER spin otp Married 23rd Oct.
4/11/18 Oct 1857 Thomas DYSON   Clare. Sarah Matilda TAYLOR   otp Married.
22/29 Nov 6 Dec 1857 Joseph MURRELLS Widr   Sarah WEBB Spin Ipswich Married.
21/28 Mar 4 Apr 1858 James NEGUS Bach Elmdon, Essex. Hannah POLLIS Spin otp. Married
30 May 6/13 Jun 1858 James GOWERS Bach otp. Mary Ann SPARK? Spin otp. Married
13/20/27 Jun 1858 Daniel TURNER Bach otp. Jane TURNER Spin otp. Married
22/29 Aug 5 Sep 1858 William NUNN Widr otp. Charlotte WALLACE Spin otp. Married 2nd Oct.
5/12/19 Sep 1858 Thomas LING Bach otp. Susan REEVE Spin otp. Married 17th Oct.
12/19/26 Sep 1858 David MAYES Bach otp. Jane PITT Spin otp. Married 2nd Oct.
17/24/31 Oct 1858 Thomas FITCH Bach otp. Mary Anne ELLSDEN Spin otp. Married 20th Nov.
24/31 Oct 6 Nov 1858 George ROGERS Bach   Hannah SEARGEANT Spin   Married 13th Nov.
24/31 Oct 6 Nov 1858 George MAYES Bach   Letitia SEARGEANT Spin   Married 13th Nov.
26 Oct 2/9 Nov 1858 Samuel SEELEY Bach   Jane MOOR Spin   Married
13/20/27 Feb 1859 George FLOWER Widr otp Eliza ORRISS Spin otp Married
19/26 Jun 3 Jul 1859 John COOPER Bach otp Harriett MANSFIELD Spin otp Married 16th July.
19/26 Jun 3 Jul 1859 James LING Bach otp Mary Anne FRANSW?ITH? Spin Ashen, Essex. Married
19/26 Jun 3 Jul 1859 Frederic JOHN_____   otp Amelia MORTLOCK Spin otp Married 14th July.
26 Jun 3/10 Jul 1859 Robert OSBORNE Bach otp Susan FITCH Spin otp Married 16th July.
11/18/25 Sep 1859 Samuel SUTTLE Bach otp Susan PATRICK Wid otp  
25 Sep 2/9 Oct 1859 Henry DIGBY Bach otp Mary Anne MOOR Spin otp Married 16th Oct.
2/9/16 Oct 1859 John OSBORN Bach otp Ann PLEDGER Spin otp Married 5th Nov.
16/23/30 Oct 1859 William MANSFIELD Bach otp Lucy ROWLAND Spin otp Married 5th Nov.
23/30 Oct 6 Nov 1859 George Semer LEWES   otp Rosannah LING Spin otp Married 12th Nov.
23/30 Oct 6 Nov 1859 David MANSFIELD Bach otp Hannah MORTLOCK Spin otp Married 10th Nov.
2/9/18 Dec 1859 Thomas LING Bach otp Eliza SNECK? Spin otp Married 22nd Dec 1859.
11/18/25 Dec 1860 David HONEYBALL     Sarah NUNN Spin   Married 12th Feb 1860.
1/8/15 Jan 1860 William WOOLARD Widr   Sarah MANSFIELD Spin   Married 26th Jan.
15/22/29 May 1860 William Thomas WRIGHT Bach St Pancras, London. Harriett JAY Spin otp Married 28th May.
9/16/23 Sep 1860 John MISSEN Bach otp Sarah Ann BASHAM Spin Poslingford. Married 1st Oct 1860.
30 Sep/6/14 Oct 1860 Joseph MALYON Bach otp Eliza MANSFIELD Spin otp Married.
9/16/23 Dec 1860 John MEDCALF Bach otp Susan OSBORN Spin otp  
9/16/23 Dec 1860 Charles BRADNAM Bach otp Ellen MEDCALF Spin otp  
20/27 Jan 3 Feb 1861 Deacon LING Bach otp Anna Maria MORTLOCK Spin otp  
10/17/24 Feb 1861 George SCRIVENER Widr otp Elizabeth BOWERS Wid otp  
14/21/28 Apr 1861 John TAYLOR Widr otp Pheobe BOWERS Wid otp  
9/16/23 Jun 1861 John MANSFIELD Bach otp Mary Ann CLARK Spin otp  
22/29 Sep. 6 Oct. 1861 John OSBORNE Bach otp Sarah WALTON Spin otp  
27 Oct. 3/10 Nov. 1861 David SARGENT Bach otp Mary MISSEN Spin otp  
27 Oct. 3/10 Nov. 1861 Merrick EWEN Bach otp Sarah MORTLOCK Spin otp  
22/29 Dec. 5 Jan. 1861/62 Joseph OSBORN Widr otp Susan HONEYBALL Wid otp  
2/9/16 Feb 1862 Henry WINSOW? Bach otp Sarah FIRMAN Spin otp  
9/16/23 Mar 1862 Valentine LING Bach otp Emma SAMS Spin otp  
20/27 Apr 4 May 1862 William SCRIVENER Bach otp Ann PATRICK Spin otp  
28 Sep 5/12 Oct 1862 Arthur DIGBY Bach otp _____ea RUSE Spin otp  
28 Sep 5/12 Oct 1862 George TAYLOR Bach otp Charlotte MANSFIELD Spin otp  
12/19/26 Oct 1862 Charles PATRICK Bach otp Susan ROWLAND Spin otp  
26 Oct 2/9 Nov 1862 John SPENCER   Clare Sarah Ann _________ Spin otp  
26 Oct 2/9 Nov 1862 Charles KNOCK Bach otp Leonah SAVAGE Spin otp  
30 Nov 7/14 Dec 1862 George BRAYBROOK   otp Algerma? GOODCHILD Spin Stradishall  
7/14/21 Dec 1862 Richard MANSFIELD Bach Barnardiston Mary SEARGENT Spin otp  
7/14/21 Dec 1862 George PITT Bach otp Fanny BRUTY Spin otp  
11/18/25 Jan 1863 John SCRIVENER Widr otp Susan HURRELL Spin otp  
18/25 Jun 1 Jul. 1863 James CARTER Bach otp Sarah MOOR Spin otp  
8/15/22 Mar 1863 Walter GOWERS   otp Emma CORNWELL Spin Barnardiston. This entry was in this order and remains so in transcript.
14/21/28 Jun 1863 George ___cent KNOCK Bach otp Emma MURKIN Spin otp Married 1st July 1863.
25 Oct 1/8 Nov 1863 James PITT Bach otp Susan MURKIN Spin otp Married 14th Nov 1863.
8/15/22 Nov 1863 Robert RUTTER` Widr otp Mary Anne FRENCH Spin otp Married 5th Dec 1863.
22/29 Nov 6 Dec 1863 Robert WIBROW Widr Ridgewell. Esther FARNSWORTH Spin otp Married 25th Dec.
29 Nov 6/13 Dec 1863 George MANSFIELD   otp Sophy PHILLIPS   Barnardiston. Married at Barnardiston.
29 Nov 6/13 Dec 1863 William FRENCH Widr Birdbrook, Essex. Hannah ROWLAND Wid otp Married 22nd Dec 1863.
6/13/20 Dec 1863 Valentine LING Bach otp Emma SAMS Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1863.
6/13/20 Dec 1863 George MOOR Bach otp ___nah TEEDER Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1863.
3/10/17 Jan 1864 George CUDBY Bach otp Amy FITCH Spin otp Married 30th Jan 1864.
14/21/28 Feb 1864 William PLEDGER Bach otp Adelaide ROGERS Spin otp Married 12th Mar 1864.
15/22/29 May 1864 William SAMS Bach otp Harriett MOORE Spin otp Married 3rd June 1864.
12/19/26 Jun 1864 Thomas SMOOTHY Bach Kedington. Rachel CORNELL Spin otp Married 29th June 1864.
3/10/17 Jul 1864 Robert GIBBONS Bach otp Eliza GREEN Spin otp Married 28th July 1864.
17/24/31 Jul 1864 Joseph ROLTON Bach otp Harriett MAYES Spin otp Married 28th Aug 1864.
18/25 Sep 2 Oct 1864 John TURNER Bach otp Eliza? GOODEN Spin otp Married 22nd Oct 1864.
2/9/16 Oct 1864 James COOKE Bach otp Sarah REEVE Spin otp Married 5th Nov 1864.
4/11/18 Dec 1864 Thomas TEEDER Widr otp Eliza FRENCH Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1864.
4/11/18 Dec 1864 Henry METCALF Bach otp Jane BOWERS Spin otp Married 23rd Dec 1864.
25 Dec 1/8 Jan 1865 Thomas BARSOM Bach Poslingford. Susan FITCH Spin otp  
8/15/22 Jan 1865 Thomas JOLLY Bach otp Eliza OSBORN Spin otp Married 18th Feb 1865.
12/19/26 Mar 1865 Alfred GRIDLEY Widr otp Phoebe GOWERS Spin otp  
19/26 Mar 2 Apr 1865 Richard MINGAY Widr otp Susan PATRICK Wid otp Married 28th May 1865.
30 Apr 7/14 May 1865 Arthur Joseph COOP___ Bach otp Ruth DIGBY Spin otp Married 14th June 1865.
15/22/29 Oct 1865 John TEADER Bach otp Charlotte PATRICK Spin otp Married 4th Nov 1865.
23/30 Sep 7 Oct 1865 George BOWERS Bach otp Frances FLOWER Spin otp Married 25th Nov 1865.
7/14/21 Oct 1865 Arthur MURKIN Bach otp Emma SERGEANT Spin otp Married 10th Nov 1865.
21/28 Oct 7 Nov 1865 Thomas STARLING Widr otp Elizabeth WEBB Spin Streatham, Surrey. Married in London.
4/11/18 Nov 1865 James TAYLOR Bach otp Mary Ann FROST Spin otp Married 1st Dec 1866.
18/25 Nov 2 Dec 1865 William FINCH   otp Mary Anne DOWSET Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1866.
18/25 Nov 2 Dec 1865 Joseph STEFF Bach otp Susan SAMS Spin otp Married 23rd Dec 1866.
25 Nov 2/9 Dec 1865 Elijah LING Bach otp Elizabeth PITT Spin otp  
2/9/16 Dec 1865 Gabriel ORRISS Bach otp Eliza CORNELL Spin otp Married 24th Dec 1866.
17/24/31 Mar 1867 Thomas FITCH Bach otp Eliza TAYLOR Spin otp Asked again 28th July.
12/19/26 May 1867 Timothy MORTLOCK Bach otp Sarah ELLSDEN Spin otp  
16/23/30 Jun 1867 Joseph ROWLAD____   otp Ellen THOMPSON Spin otp Married 1st Sep 1867.
14/21/28 Jul 1867 David MOLTON Widr otp Sarah TAYLOR Spin otp Married 16th Aug 1867.
28 Jul 4/11 Aug 1867 Thomas FITCH Bach otp Eliza TAYLOR Spin otp Married 17th Aug 1867.
23 Aug 1/8 Sep 1867 Henry HOWARD Bach otp Maria LING Spin otp Married 28th Sep 1867.
13/20/27 Oct 1867 George RUSE Bach Little Thurlow. Elizabeth TURNER Spin otp Married 28th Oct 1867.
20/27 Oct 3 Nov 1867 Walter RIVETT Bach otp Matilda SAVAGE Spin otp Married 6th Dec 1867.
27 Oct 3/10 Nov 1867 William BAxter?   otp Mary Anne BUNTING Wid otp  
27 Oct 3/10 Nov 1867 Daniel TEADER Bach otp Mary MISSEN Spin otp Married 30th Nov 1867.
8/15/22 Dec 1867 John ORRISS Bach otp Hannah STEFF Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1867.
31 May 7/14 Jun 1868 Henry ORRISS Bach otp Sarah Anne RASH Spin otp Married 4th July 1868.
21/28 Jun 5 Jul 1868 Harry LOWE Bach otp Frances DIGBY Spin otp Married 16th Aug 1868.
28 Jun 5/12 Jul 1868 James ROWLAND Bach otp Hannah BOWERS Spin otp Married 26th July 1868.
9/16/23 Aug 1868 Daniel GRIDLEY   otp Mary Anne MISSEN Spin otp  
16/23/30 Aug 1868 James DIGBY Bach otp Matilda TAYLOR Spin otp Married 12th Sept.
27 Sep 1868 Charles CORNELL Bach otp Mary Anne MANSFIELD Spin otp Asked again.
4/11/18 Oct 1868 George SARGEANT Bach otp Eliza ELLSDEN Spin otp Married 7th Nov 1868.
1/8/15 Nov 1868 Charles CORNELL Bach otp Mary Anne MANSFIELD Spin Barnardiston. Married at Barnardiston.
1/8/15 Nov 1868 Charles MAYES Bach otp Esther BOWERS Spin otp Asked again.
13/20/27 Dec 1868 Joseph JOLLY   otp Susannah MANSFIELD   Poslingford At Poslingford.
4/11/18 Apr 1869 Charles TAYLOR Bach otp Sarah HUNNEBALL Spin Denston  
18/25 Apr 2 May 1869 Charles MAYES Bach otp Esther BOWERS Spin otp  
29 Aug 5/12 Sep 1869 David TAYLOR Bach otp Sarah Anne MEDCALF Spin otp Married 16th Oct 1869.
12/19/26 Sep 1869 Thomas CRACKLAND Bach Haverhill Mary Anne LING   otp  
28 Nov 5/12 Dec 1869 Walter LING Bach otp Ellen GOWERS Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1869.
26 Dec 2/9 Jan 1870 Joseph FITCH     Elizabeth AL_____ Spin otp Married at Stoke.
16/23/30 Jan 1870 John CORNELL Bach otp Frances MAYES Spin otp Married.
20/27 Feb 6 Mar 1870 Samuel BOWERS Bach otp Susan MALLION Spin otp  
24 Apr 1/8 May 1870 John FROST Bach   Sarah COPPEN?   Kedington Married 23rd May.
7/14/21 Aug 1870 John SCRIVENER Bach otp Emma MASON Spin otp Married 22nd Aug.
4/11/18 Sep 1870 Samuel MEDCALF Bach Stoke Harriett JOLLY Spin otp Married 15th Oct.
9/16/23 Oct 1870 Henry BAREHAM   otp Jemima LING Spin otp Married 24th Dec.
16/23/30 Oct 1870 Walter SEARGEANT Bach otp Sarah Ann FORGE Spin otp Married 19th Nov.
13/20/27 Nov 1870 William Barnard LAMP____ Bach otp Harriett Elizabeth CARSBOLT Spin otp  
27 Nov 4/11 Dec 1870 Walter FITCH Bach otp Amelia MAYES Spin otp  
4/11/18 Dec 1870 James MOORE Bach otp Clara SAVAGE Spin otp  
4/11/18 Jun 1871 Henry Edward MOFFAT Bach otp Sarah SMITH   St Peter, Colchester.  
4/11/18 Jun 1871 William ORRISS   otp Emily BOWERS Spin otp  
2/16/23 Jul 1871 Joseph SARGEANT Bach otp Ellen PATRICK Spin otp  
1/8/15 Oct 1871 Thomas MEDCALF Bach   Frances MARTIN Spin    
8/15/22 Oct 1871 Samuel BOWERS Bach otp Susannah MALLION Spin otp Married 24th Oct.
7/14/21 Jan 1872 Frederick MEARS Bach otp Charlotte SAMS Spin otp Married 3rd Feb 1872.
11/18/25 Aug 1872 George GRIDLEY Bach otp Emma SEALEY Spin otp Married 14th Sep 1872.
20/27 Oct 2 Nov 1872 Alfred Noah _________   otp Elizabeth RUTTER Spin otp Married 23rd Nov 1872.
17/24 Nov 1 Dec 1872 Benjamin ROGERS Bach otp Matilda COOPER Spin otp Married 26th Dec.
24 Nov 1/8 Dec 1872 Walter MASON Bach otp Hannah LING Spin otp Married.
1/8/15 Dec 1872 George SMITH Widr otp Rebecca FORGE Wid otp Married _1st Jan 1873.
1/8/15 Dec 1872 David TAYLOR Bach otp Caroline LING Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1872.
1/8/15 Dec 1872 Walter PLEDGER Bach otp Louisa MEARS   otp Married 25th Dec 1872.
22/29 Dec 5 Jan 1872 Barnard WATTS?   otp Mary Anne BRETT Spin otp Married 7th Jan 1873.
5/12/19 Jan 1873 George TAYLOR Bach otp Esther SEARGEANT Spin otp Married 7th Feb 1873.
13/20/27 Apr 1873 William PLEDGER Bach otp Emily TAYLOR Spin otp Married 7th Jun 1873.
13/20/27 Apr 1873 Joseph PAWSEY Bach All Saints, Sudbury. Miriam LING Spin otp Married 24th May 1873.
20/27 Apr 4 May 1873 Thomas ROGERS Bach otp Amy OSBORN Spin otp Married 24th May 1873.
29 Jun 6/13 Jul 1873 George MANSFIELD Bach otp Rachel HUNYBALL Spin otp  
13/20/27 Jul 1873 William MAYES? Bach otp Mary GRIDLEY Spin otp  
7/14/21 Sep 1873 Hugh CHISHOLM Bach Burwell, Cambs. Maria MANSFIELD Spin otp Married 23rd Sep.
5/12/19 Oct 1873 Hatden CLARKE Bach otp Sarah Anne WALLACE Spin otp Married 23rd Oct.
16/23/30 Nov 1873 John BONNETT Bach otp Amelia MURKIN Wid otp  
28 Dec 4/11 Jan 1873 Francis WARREN Bach otp Hannah MURKIN Spin otp Married 16th Jan 1874.
11/18/25 Jan 1874 Thomas CUTHBERT Bach otp Emma MISSEN Spin otp Married 7th Feb.
22 Feb 1/8 Mar 1874 Noah FITCH   otp Susan MAYES Spin otp Married 21st Mar.
10/17/24 May 1874 William Thomas LEECH   otp Mary AMBROSE Spin Poslingford  
31 May 7/14 Jun 1874 Henry MEARS Bach otp Harriett PLEDGER Spin otp  
27 Sep 4/11 Oct 1874 John LING Bach   Rosa RUSE Spin Kedington  
1/8/16 Nov 1874 Frederick PRICKE Bach Denstone? Rachel Maria CARESBOULT Spin otp  
15/22/29 Nov 1874 Alfred COOPER Bach St Mary, Newmarket. Frances Eddy CARSBOULT Spin otp  
29 Nov 6/13 Dec 1874 Charles MAYES   otp Susan CARSBOULT Spin MAYES  
24/31 Jan 7 Feb 1875 Walter CLARKE Bach   Ann CLARKE Spin Barnardiston  
14/21/28 Mar 1875 George MANSFIELD Widr otp Jane ELSDEN Spin otp Married.
28 Nov 5/12 Dec 1875 David ORRISS   otp Emma MAYES Spin otp  
5/12/19 Dec 1875 George SAVAGE Widr otp Elizabeth POTTER Wid otp  
2/9/16 Jan 1876 John CHAPMAN Widr otp Charlotte EDWARDS Spin otp  
2/9/16 Jan 1876 Robert Cornell __ITSON     Matilda OSBORNE Spin otp  
27 Feb 5/12 Mar 1876 George MAYES Widr otp Eliza WISEMAN Spin otp  
5/12/19 Mar 1876 Thomas BRETT Bach otp Jane SAVAGE Spin otp  
27 Aug 3/10 Sep 1876 John SEELEY   otp Mary Ann PLEDGER Spin otp  
17/24 Sep 1 Oct 1876 Robert ELSDEN Widr otp Harriett PAWSEY Wid otp  
26 Nov 3/10 Dec 1876 John MURKIN Bach otp Diana JOLLY Spin otp  
26 Nov 3/10 Dec 1876 David FITCH Bach otp Matilda MAYES Spin otp  
9/16/23 Sep 1876 Peter MANSFIELD Bach otp Ruth Bell PALMER Spin Withersfield Married at Withersfield.
30 Sep 7/14 Oct 1876 James TAYLOR Widr otp Sarah COOK Wid otp Married 25th Dec.
14/21/28 Oct 1876 Samuel ORRISS   otp Sarah CORNELL Wid otp Married 9th Nov.
4/11/18 Nov 1876 William ROWLAND   otp Alice DIGBY Spin otp Married 1st Dec.
18/25 Nov 2 Dec 1876 Albert LING Bach otp Adelaide PITT Spin otp  
  1877                 No Banns found on Microfilm for this year.
28 Apr 5/12 May 1878 Harry ROWLAND Bach otp Mary HALL Spin otp Married 18th May.
26 May 2/9 Jun 1878 George MAYES Bach otp Elizabeth MANSFIELD Spin otp Married 3rd Aug.
16/23/30 Jun 1878 Lawford ___ners GOLDING Bach otp Ellen REEVE Spin otp Married 22nd July.
30 Jun 7/14 Jul 1878 George TAYLOR   otp Sarah Anne MORTLOCK Spin otp Married 3rd Aug.
30 Jun 7/14 Jul 1878 George TAYLOR   otp Sarah Anne MORTLOCK Spin otp Married 3rd Aug.
25 Aug 1/8 Sep 1878 Thomas BRETT Bach otp Jane SAVAGE Spin otp Married 29th Sep.
24 Nov 1/8 Dec 1878 Walter MAYES Bach otp Mary Anne NUGON? MIZON?   Great Wratting Married at Great Wratting.
1/8/15 Dec 1878 Charles STACEY   otp Elizabeth STACEY Spin Motcombe, Dorset. Married at Motcombe.
16/23/30 Mar 1879 Joseph ROWLAND Widr otp Elizabeth HUSK Spin Stradishall Married at Stradishall.
20/27 Apr 4 May 1879 Alfred FITCH Bach otp Elizabeth FRENCH Spin otp  
11/18/25 May 1879 George MANSFIELD   otp Priscilla BITTEN   Sudbury Married at Sudbury.
11/18/25 May 1879 Charles SMITH Bach otp Lavinia FORGE Spin otp Married 31st May.
15/22/29 Jun 1879 John HANCHETT Bach Stansfield Charlotte DEEKS Spin otp Married 10th July.
24/31 Aug 7 Sep 1879 Alfred SUMMERS Bach Barfield, Essex. ? MANSFIELD Spin otp  
7/14/21 Sep 1879 David TAYLOR Bach otp Eliza Jane CARTER Spin otp Married.
7/14/21 Sep 1879 Ezekiel CHAPMAN Bach otp Caroline SCRIVENER Spin otp Married.
26 Oct 2/9 Nov 1879 Thomas SC______   Tottenham, London Anna SAP______ Spin otp  
7/14/21 Dec 1879 David PUGH Bach Shenley, Herts Sarah MORE Spin otp Married 25th Dec 1879.
1/8/15 Feb 1880 John ORRIS Bach otp Eliza TAYLOR Spin otp  
21/28 Mar 4 Apr 1880 William MISSEN   otp Maria SAVAGE Spin otp  
23/30 May 6 Jun 1880 James CORNELL Bach otp Ellen REEVE Spin otp This entry had been crossed out.
30 May 6/13 Jun 1880 James CORNELL Bach otp Alice REEVE Spin otp  
30 May 6/13 Jun 1880 James STIFF Bach otp Mary Ann ________ Spin otp  
4/11/18 Jul 1880 Henry PLEDGER Bach otp Anna FRENCH Spin otp  
22/29 Aug 5 Sep 1880 George MOORE Widr otp Jane RUSH Spin otp  
22/29 Aug 5 Sep 1880 Thomas PLEDGER Bach otp Mary Ann SEELEY Spin otp  
12/19/26 Sep 1880 John CHAPMAN Bach Great Thurlow Mary JOLLY Spin otp  
19/26 Sep 3 Oct 1880 James CORNELL Bach otp Alice REEVE Spin otp  
25 Nov 5/12 Dec 1880 John S_____   otp Esther GOODY Spin Barrow, Sfk.  
2/9/16 Jan 1881 Alfred JOLLY Bach otp Elizabeth CORNELL Spin otp  
3/10/17 Apr 1881 Amos CLOSE? Bach otp Emma TURNER Spin otp  
3/10/17 Jul 1881 Joseph SMITH Bach otp Lydia FORGE Spin otp  
6/13/20 Nov 1881 Charles CUTHBERT Bach otp Mary Ann MEDCALF Spin otp  
4/11/18 Dec 1881 Thomas ORBELL Bach Clare Mary Ann Elizabeth WEBB Spin otp  
14/21/28 May 1882 Alfred PAS___   Sturmer, Esx. Elizabeth MURRELLS Spin otp  
2/9/16 Jul 1882 Charles William WHITING Bach otp Sarah Ann WARREN Spin otp  
6/13/20 Aug 1882 John GOWERS Bach otp Isbella SK_____ Spin Hawstead?  
20/27 Aug 3 Sep 1882 William NUNN?   otp Matilda THOMPSON Spin otp  
3/10/17 Sep 1882 James JEFFERY Bach Clare Sarah Ann LING Spin otp  
10/17/24 Sep 1882 David ORRISS Widr   Mary SEELY Spin otp  
17/24 Sep 1 Oct 1882 Arthur ORRISS   otp Ellen HONEYBALL Spin otp  
5/12/19 Nov 1882 George BIGG Bach otp Susan Ann MOORE Spin otp  
3/10/17 Dec 1882 William JOLLY Bach otp Emma CUTTS Spin otp  
10/17/24 Jun 1883 Albert ALLEN   otp Martha PITT Spin otp  
24 Jun 1/8 Jul 1883 James LING Bach otp Harriett Fanny ORRISS Spin otp  
29 Jul 5/12 Aug 1883 Thomas SAMS Bach Great Ilford, Esx. Julia Ellen LING Spin otp Married.
5/12/19 Aug 1883 Benjamin MURKIN Bach otp Sarah Ann LING Spin otp  
12/19/26 Aug 1883 Richard BROWN Bach otp Eliza Alice Catherine HATCH Spin otp  
12/19/26 Aug 1883 Charles BIGG Bach otp Mary Ann STARLING Spin otp  
30 Sep 7/14 Oct 1883 Walter HAMMOND Bach otp Emily FITCH Spin otp  
25 Nov 2/9 Dec 1883 David BOWERS Bach otp Harriett Sophia CHURCHMAN Wid otp  
9/16/23 Dec 1883 William NUNN Widr otp Clara MAYES Spin otp  
6/13/20 Jan 1884 David TAYLOR   otp Deborah GOWERS Wid otp  
6/13/20 Jul 1884 William TAYLOR Bach otp Charlotte MURKIN Spin otp  
17/24/31 Aug 1884 George SCRIVENER Bach otp Eleanor HURST Spin Stradishall  
17/24/31 Aug 1884 George SCRIVENER Bach otp Eleanor HURST Spin Stradishall  
  1885                 No Banns filmed for 1885 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1886                 No Banns filmed for 1886 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1887                 No Banns filmed for 1887 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1888                 No Banns filmed for 1888 presumed burnt beyond filming.
11/18/25 Jun 1889? William George __________   otp Ellen ORRISS Spin Bury St Edmunds  
15/22/29 Oct 1889 George MORTLOCK?   otp Susan ORRISS Spin otp  
15/22/29 Oct 1889 Arthur _________   otp Jesse MAYES Spin otp  
  1890                 No Banns filmed for 1890 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1891                 No Banns filmed for 1891 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1892                 No Banns filmed for 1892 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1893                 No Banns filmed for 1893 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1894                 No Banns filmed for 1894 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1895                 No Banns filmed for 1895 presumed burnt beyond filming.
  1896                 No Banns filmed for 1896 presumed burnt beyond filming.
16/23/30 May 1897 Harold Edwin RUSH Bach Rushmere Emma Alice MAYES Spin otp  
4/11/18 Jul 1897? James BUTCHER Bach All Saints WestHam Stratford. Mary Ann EVERETT Spin otp  
11/18/25 Jul 1897 Allen MITSON   otp Ada HAMMOND Spin otp  
10/17/24 Oct 1897 Charles TAYLOR Bach otp Esther OSBORNE Spin otp  
24/31 Oct 7 Nov 1897 Walter BEAVIS   Barnardiston Emma ___________ Spin otp  
22/29 Nov 6 Dec 1897 Daniel MACRO   St Gregory, Sudbury. Keziah BASHAM Spin otp  
12/19/26 Dec 1897 George William MITSON Bach otp Annie Elizabeth ROWLING Spin otp  
6/13/20 Feb 1898 Henry SMITH Widr otp Jane ALLEN Wid otp  
20/27 Mar 3 Apr 1898 John ROWLAND Bach otp Annie Martha DE_____   Brightlingsea.  
1/8/15 May 1898 Fred Jesse SEELY Bach Great Wratting Roseanna BASHAM Spin otp  
1/8/15 May 1898 Charles MAYES Widr Great Wratting Ellen MALLION Wid otp  
3/10/17 Jul 1898 Daniel CORNWELL   Barnardiston __________ BINGHAM Spin otp  
17/24/31 Jul 1898 Ernest Auness HURRELL   Stradishall Ellen OSBORNE Spin otp  
25 Sep 2/9 Oct 1898 Frederick James DRIVER Bach otp Martha Kate DEEKS Spin otp  
5/12/19 Mar 1899 Edward John SMITH? Bach otp Ellen Jane TRUDGETT Spin otp  
26 Mar 2/9 Apr 1899 Christopher ___________ Bach Kedington Mary Ann KNOCK Spin otp  
26 Mar 2/9 Apr 1899 Thomas William MOORE?     Agnes Mary SMITH Spin otp  
21/28 May 4 Jun 1899 George Philip BUNTING?   Wood Ditton, Cambs. ____nah SARGEANT Spin otp  
4/11/18 Jun 1899 George COPSEY Bach Glemsford Ellen Rebecca ________ Spin otp  
9/16/23 Oct 1899 David BASHAM   otp Ada WISEMAN Spin otp  
5/12/19 Dec 1899 David GOWERS Bach otp Harriet MARSH Spin Kedington  
15/22/29 Apr 1900 William ORRISS Bach otp Maria DIGBY Spin otp  
6/13//20 May 1900 William MAYES   otp Emily Elizabeth MAYES Spin otp  
15/22/29 Jul 1900? Arthur PA_____ Bach otp Florence TURNER Spin otp  
19/26 Aug 2 Sep 1900 Alfred PHILLIPS Bach otp Jane ORRISS Spin otp  
28 Oct 4/11 Nov 1900? Walter Edward ________ Bach otp Ada TAYLOR Spin Barnardiston.  
5/12/19 Nov 1900 John DEAL Bach otp Jane ALLEN Spin otp  
25 Nov 2/9 Dec 1900 Fred ORRISS Bach otp Alice Elizabeth SMITH Spin otp  
10/17/24 Feb 1901 Walter Fred FITCH Bach otp Susanna ORRISS Spin otp  
17/24/31 Mar 1901 Ernest Alfred TURNER Bach otp Mary Ann Elizabeth __________ Spin Clare  
6/12/19 May 1901 Harry CHALLIS Bach Stradishall. Emily TAYLOR Spin otp  
22/29 Sep 6 Oct 1901? Alfred BEAVIS Bach Barnardiston. Lillie Louisa MURKIN Spin otp  
13/20/27 Oct 1901 Alfred MATTHEWS Bach Burstead? Buxtead? Susannah SCRIVENER Spin otp  
2/9/16 Dec 1901? Albert TALBOT   Stoke Newington. Elizabeth MISSEN Spin otp  
29 Dec 5/12 Jan 1902 Sidney FITCH Bach otp Emma MAYES Spin otp  
5/12/19 Jan 1902 Rueben BASHAM   Great Warley? Kate MED_____     Suspect Kate MEDCALF.
9/16/23 Feb 1902 William ________ Bach otp Clara MANSFIELD   otp  
23/30 Mar 6 Apr 1902 George Albert __________   otp Emma BEAVIS Spin otp  
13/20/27 Apr 1902? Elijah John THOMPSON   otp Ada A-LEN Spin otp  
20/27 Jul 3 Aug 1902 Thomas George RATTEE   Clacton on Sea. _______ _________ Spin otp  
7/14/21 Dec 1902 Richard MITSON Bach otp Eliza MAYES Spin otp  
24/31 Jan 7 Feb 1903? Sidney Samuel BLOOMFIELD Bach otp Lavinia Kate MEDCALF Spin otp  
8/15/22 Feb 1903? William THO_____ Bach Clare Phoebe Ellen __________ Spin otp  
10/17/24 Mar 1903? Minor SKILTON Bach St Mary, Colchester Rebecca KNOCK Spin otp  
21/28 Jun 5 Jul 1903? Walter William HARR_____ Bach   Hannah Annabella? _____________ Spin otp  
16/23/30 Aug 1903? Harry G_______   Birdbrook, Esx. Louisa Mary Ann MEDCALF   otp  
25 Oct 1/8 Nov 1903? Eliel LING Bach otp Eliza Rachel CORNELL Spin otp  
29 Nov 6/13 Dec 1903? William TAYLOR Bach otp Jemima Blanche DIGBY Spin otp  
29 Nov 6/13 Dec 1903? Henry WILDING Bach otp Ethel Elizabeth Mary THOMPSON Spin St Mary Boltons, Sth Kensington.  
13/20/27 Mar 1904? George MAYES Bach otp Rose TAYLOR Spin otp  
13/20/27 Mar 1904? Joseph TAYLOR Bach otp Jane Stiff ORRISS Spin otp  
20/27 Mar 3 Apr 1904? George Alfred GRIDLEY Bach otp Mary Ann BRUTY Spin otp  
5/12/19 Jun 1904? George __________ Bach otp Mary MANN   otp  
28 Aug 4/11 Sep 1904? Arthur William COOKE Bach Saxon Street, Wood Ditton. Harriett Eliza CUTHBERT Spin otp  
2/9/16 Oct 1904 Alfred Arthur RIGGEY Bach otp Rose AYLEN Spin otp  
9/16/23 Oct 1904? Thomas COE Bach Wickhambrook. Kate MAYES Spin otp  
6/13/20 Dec 1904? John COOTE? Bach Pakefield. Minnie MEDCALF Spin otp  
13/20/27 Dec 1904? David TAYLOR Bach otp Mary Ann Anna SMITH Spin otp  
19/26 Mar 2 Apr 1905 Fred BAKER Bach Gillingham, Kent. Ada Elizabeth ______________ Spin otp  
2/9/16 Jul 1905 Frederick BIGGS Bach otp Elizabeth ROWLINGSON Spin Poslingford.  
12/19/26 Aug 1906 Alfred FORGE? Bach otp Lucy MAYES Spin otp  
19/26 Aug 2 Sep 1906 John William CORNELL Bach otp Martha ROWLING Spin Stoke by Clare.  
19/26 Aug 2 Sep 1906? Edward SHILLING Widr Chatteris, Cambs. Ellen MEDCALF Spin otp  
26 Aug 2/9 Sep 1906 George Rueben TAYLOR Bach otp Rose Anne BOWERS Spin otp  
26 Aug 2/9 Sep 1906? Harry MALLION   otp Rebecca MURKIN Spin otp  
24 Sep 1/8 Oct 1906? Frank SMITH     Kate ORRISS      
10/17/24 Mar 1907 Alfred Orriss LING Bach otp Hannah TEADER Spin otp  
2/9/16 Jun 1907 John William GOWERS? Bach otp Rebecca SMITH Spin otp  
14/21/28 Jul 1907 William BRADFORD Bach otp Esther MAYES Spin otp  
15/22/29 Sep 1907 Frederick Harold HALL Bach St Mary, Mosely B_____. ? BROWN Spin otp  
23/30 Sep 7 Oct 1907 James COOK Bach Stradishall. Lily Maud CUTHBERT Spin otp  
22/29 Sep 6 Oct 1907 William WEBB Bach Clare. Hannah Janella? FRENCH Spin otp  
12/19/26 Jun 1908 Arthur MOORE? Bach otp Mary MOORE Spin otp  
16/23/30 Jun 1908? Herbert FELTON Bach St Peter, Sudbury. __ianna? PLEDGER Spin otp  
21/28 Jun 5 Jul 1908? William SEELEY Bach otp Christianna LING Wid otp  
15/22/29 Sep 1908? Ambrose FARRA___   Great Thurlow. Annie ORRISS Spin otp  
4/11/18 Oct 1908 George HORSLEY Bach otp Caroline Blanche TAYLOR Spin otp  
17/24/31 Jan 1909? William Robert MISSEN Bach otp Mary Kate CARTER Spin otp  
4/11/18 Apr 1909? Arthur TAY_____   otp Eliza FRENCH Spin otp  
27 Jun 4/11 Jul 1909? Samuel James GILSON? Widr otp Clara Emily SCRIVENER Spin otp  
25 Jul 1/8 Aug 1909 Arthur COLEMAN Bach St Mary at Elms, Ipswich. Elizabeth PACKARD Spin otp  
5/12/19 Dec 1909 Alfred Sidney GRIDLEY Bach otp Harriett Mary PLEDGER Spin otp  
17/24 Apr 1 May 1910 Edgar COCKS? Bach Balham. Kate Sophia SMITH Spin otp  
17/24/31 Jul 1910? Fred MARTIN Bach Clare. Alice Hannah __________ Spin otp  
4/11/18 Sep 1910 Edward MARTIN Bach Ashen. Jessie GOWERS Spin otp  
27 Nov 4/11 Dec 1910 Arthur William FORGE Bach otp Harriet SEELY Spin otp  
4/11/18 Dec 1910 James Harrold H_______ Bach   Annie SMITH Spin otp  
15/22/29 Jan 1911 Walter POUDER? Bach Haverhill. Mary MISSEN Spin otp  
5/12/19 Mar 1911 Walter TEAD____ Bach otp Jessie Elizabeth BLADFORD? Spin otp  
26 Mar 2/9 Apr 1911 George William _______ Bach otp Kate BOWERS Spin otp  
9/16/23 Apr 1911 George _______   otp Ada COUSINS? Spin otp  
9/16/23 Apr 1911 George _______   otp Ada COUSINS? Spin otp  
14/21/28 Apr 1911? Thomas William _____________ Bach Clare. Rose Georgeianna MANSFIELD Spin otp  
28 May 4/11 Jun 1911? Walter COOK Bach otp Eliza Florence RICHARDSON Spin otp  
20/27 Aug 3 Sep 1911 Arthur COOKE Bach otp Emily CHALLIS Wid otp  
10/17/24 Oct 1911? Jesse ORRISS Bach otp __ances PLEDGER Spin otp  
12/19/26 Nov 1911 Frederick HAMMOND Bach otp Edith PLEDGER Spin otp  
  1912                 1912 Appears not to have survived, fire damage. Not filmed.
9/16/23 Mar 1913? Albert BROWN   Kedington. Hannah __________W Wid otp  
25 May 1/8 Jun 1913 Frank Edward NEW   _______ Norfolk. ________ __________ Spin otp  
14/21/28 Jul 1913? James H_______   St Philip, Sydenham. Mary GOWERS Spin otp  
22/29 ? 6 ? 1913? George William _____________ Bach   Blanche? Emily ORRISS?   otp  
? 1913? Ernest John R__________   Pettaugh. Jessie PE________ Spin otp  
23 / 2/9 ? 1913? Alfred Leonard NEVILL Bach Colchester. _______e MAYES Spin otp  
17/24 Nov 1 Dec 1913? Joseph ROUSE   otp Alison Agnes THOMS___   Stradisahll.