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The Inspector is coming - and it won't be an Ealing comedy

So now we know the planning inspector appointed by the Government will come to Haverhill for part of his public inquiry into the Vision 2031 document

Date: Friday, 13th December 2013


Haverhill Weekly News Round Up

Haverhill's weekly news round up read by David Hart

Date: Thursday, 12th December 2013


Whose ideas should influence our finances - Machiavelli or Mandela?

In a week when local politics seems to have been turned up a notch or two in the debate over town council finances, it was a curious coincidence that we should have close analysis on TV of the two opposing extremes which drive politicians

Date: Monday, 9th December 2013


Haverhill Weekly News Round Up

The Christmas season has been getting into full swing as we entered December this week so everyone is on the trail of Christmas gifts. Intersnack had an unpleasant one in store for their workers at th...

Date: Saturday, 7th December 2013


Is ONE Haverhill our dragon-slayer or do we wait for another?

For all the imperfections surrounding ONE Haverhill, it was nevertheless very interesting to hear about the wide range of ideas which were thrown in at their recent workshop about the town centre master plan

Date: Friday, 29th November 2013


Layers of history as we move imperceptibly towards a new future

By a circuitous route we are beginning to find out the sort of thinking which is going into the making of the next master plan for Haverhill town centre, and some of it is innovative and interesting

Date: Saturday, 23rd November 2013


Haverhill News 20th November 2013

Start made on town centre master plan, Festival of poppies for next year's WW1 centenary and Christmas lights switch-on switched to Family Christmas Nigh

Date: Thursday, 21st November 2013


Haverhill News 7th November 2013

New format for SNT public meetings to be launched, Town pays its respects to 'a great Haverhillian', Details of Sunday's Remembrance observances in Haverhil

Date: Thursday, 7th November 2013


New clock promises to give us time to disagree

Who would have thought that putting up a clock near the bus station so passengers have some vague idea of the time in case a bus happened to adhere to the timetable could be contentious?

Date: Saturday, 2nd November 2013


Haverhill News 20th September 2013

An idea is being considered to turn the old Corn Exchange in Withersfield Road into a heritage centre for the town; The Shopwatch system for retailers and the police to share information on potential thieves or trouble-makers is up and running again in Haverhill; and An organisation which helps to make sure elderly and lonely people are befriended is asking for volunteers.

Date: Friday, 20th September 2013


Brainstorming session at least teased out an idea or two

If you were in Haverhill town centre on Wednesday morning you probably saw groups of mostly well-dressed people strolling about as if they were on some sort of heritage tour.

Date: Friday, 20th September 2013


Haverhill News 27th August 2013

Work is to start soon on a new Masterplan for Haverhill town centre; Police repeat warnings to keep properties secure after two more ‘creeper’ burglaries; and Do you fancy becoming a town councillor? If so there is a vacancy up for grabs.

Date: Tuesday, 27th August 2013


If you're a Jedi can't you park your spacecraft in the sky

In the nearly 40 years since I began reporting on the saga of Haverhill High Street and when or whether it is to be pedestrianised I thought I had seen everything. There have been good ideas and bad, attractive plans and dreary ones, clever bits of thinking and rank stupidity, but this week I have seen something which, in some ways, tops the lot.

Date: Sunday, 18th August 2013


Haverhill News 16th August 2013

Public consultation has begun in advance of a major get-together about whether or not to pedestrianise Haverhill High Street; Successful A level results across Suffolk, including Haverhill’s academies, were celebrated yesterday; and How ‘a little ray of sunshine’ has been rewarded for 25 years’ loyal service.

Date: Friday, 16th August 2013


Haverhill News 13th August 2013

A spate of overnight walk-in burglaries has continued in Haverhill and police are again warning people to keep properties secure; A controversial planning application to knock down bungalows in Withersfield Road and build homes for the over 55s has been given the go-ahead; and Two brothers have raised over £500 for charity by completing a grueling 50-mile race over mountains and rivers in the Lake District.

Date: Tuesday, 13th August 2013


It's an unfair world for a dog once he has a bad name

On Thursday two pieces of news hove into view across the desks of regional media concerning Haverhill.

Date: Saturday, 10th August 2013


Haverhill News 9th August 2013

Police have confirmed a sex attack reported by a woman in Haverhill this week never actually happened. Haverhill community leaders will be teaching the skills of community budgeting to towns up and down the country in a Government initiative; and Dr Beeching may be vilified in Haverhill for axing the railway, but is he misunderstood? A touring show coming to the arts centre claims as much.

Date: Friday, 9th August 2013


Haverhill News 6th August 2013

A county councillor is joining forces across the party divide with Haverhill town council to oppose the Vision 2031 planning document for the town’s future; Police are asking for the public to help them nab nuisance moped riders in the town centre; and Is your group in need of some cash to help provide youth activities or improve the local environment? Grants are up for grabs from ONE Haverhill.

Date: Tuesday, 6th August 2013


Times are changing and we are standing up

With just a week to go before the closing date for public consultation on the Vision 2031 planning documents, Haverhill Town Council have expressed a series of reservations and suggested changes which, at last, begin to deal with the fundamental deficiencies found within.

Date: Saturday, 3rd August 2013


Haverhill News 2nd August 2013

Haverhill Town Council has slammed the Vision 2031 blueprint for the town’s future; Suffolk County Council has agreed in principle to let Haverhill Town Council take over the former magistrates court building as a base for youth services; and A Haverhill man will this weekend be tackling the route of last year’s Olympic road race cyclists, on behalf of the charity BLISS.

Date: Friday, 2nd August 2013


It's an unfair world for a dog once he has a bad name

On Thursday two pieces of news hove into view across the desks of regional media concerning Haverhill.

Date: Thursday, 1st August 2013


New Chairman appointed for One Haverhill

After two years as the Chairman of One Haverhill, Cllr Anne Gower steps down and introduces Sarah Howard as her successor.

Date: Wednesday, 31st July 2013


Haverhill News 30th July 2013

A new person is to take over the chair of Haverhill’s pioneering partnership of local authorities and agencies, One Haverhill; Police warn of burglars taking advantage of people leaving windows and doors open in the hot weather after a spate of incidents over the last week; and Wondering what to do with the kids during the long summer holidays? The leisure centre has a bundle of ideas.

Date: Tuesday, 30th July 2013


For once, a biased, self-interested and one-sided opinion

For once, I am going to put forward an opinion which is not independent and even-handed, but entirely based on self-interest, and I make that clear from the beginning so you can take it into account when weighing up whether it has any value.

Date: Saturday, 27th July 2013


Haverhill News 26th July 2013

Thieves after copper have cut dangerous gas pipes outside a series of homes in Haverhill and left them hanging; The town’s largest housing provider has received a national award recognising its resident involvement service; and A Haverhill community who originated in Southern India have brought the colour of their culture to a special fund raiser.

Date: Friday, 26th July 2013


Haverhill News 23rd July 2013

Crowds estimated at up to 7,000 flooded to the Haverhill Summer Bash on Sunday, the pioneering edition of a new-look Haverhill Show; Residents had a chance to look in detail at the Vision 2031 planning document on Saturday and a county councillor has criticised it again in an open letter; and How two local sporting types are fronting the next phase of Abbeycroft Leisure and St Edmundsbury’s Inspire Me campaign to get people active.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd July 2013


Haverhill News 19th July 2013

Police are still trying to establish what happened at a stabbing in Haverhill on Tuesday night; Haverhill Local History Group are celebrating gaining provisional museum status for their collection; and All is set for a massive day of fun in the sun on Sunday at the Haverhill Summer Bash on the Recreation Ground.

Date: Friday, 19th July 2013


Young people always get the worst publicity - but they have a future

You can make a little bet that any time Haverhill hits the regional or national headlines it will be for the wrong reasons, because nobody has ever yet managed to unlock the puzzle of how we can get into the limelight for the right ones

Date: Tuesday, 16th July 2013


Haverhill News 16th July 2013

Police warn people not to leave car or house windows open in the hot weather after an opportunist theft outside the police station; Haverhill’s historic vehicle rally on Sunday attracted nearly 2,000 people; and An area of the town centre where the public required police to take action against parked vehicles turns out to have no parking regulations.

Date: Tuesday, 16th July 2013


Haverhill News 12th July 2013

Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner comes to Haverhill next week to talk to local business people; Samuel Ward students stepped out in their finery last night in the Academy’s prom, held at the arts centre; and Two Haverhill brothers take on one of the toughest challenges in the Lake District for charity at the end of the month.

Date: Friday, 12th July 2013


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