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'Time Is Right' For New Town Chamber

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By Jo Deeks on Friday, 27th February 2004.

Around 100 people attended the launch of a new Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and Industry group on Monday night, which looks set to become a strong voice for businesses in the town.

The previous Chamber of Commerce in the town folded about seven years ago, but the new one will be affiliated to the Suffolk Network of Chambers, providing extra benefits to members and a voice for the town across the country.

Chamber chairman Paul Donno told those present that it was a particular honour for him to be involved, as his grandfather was an active member of the old Chamber in the 1970s, when he was still a schoolboy at Castle Manor School.

"I have to say it feels good to be a link between the past, the present and of course, the future. In the past Haverhill has had its ups and downs. It has often been mailigned and marginalised and in may ways acquired a reputation it really has not deserved. But we believe the town is now entering an exciting period with many new and positive possibilities. We believe Haverhill is poised on the brink of, as yet unrealised potential growth. And we believe the time is at last right for the launch of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry."

The small committee of five founding members were all present. These are, Elaine Collins and Charmaine Symonds of Gold, Jason Fitzpatrick of Pure Energy Multimedia, Steve Abbott of Jefferson Computer Services and Paul Donno of Paul Donno Accountants.

Dick Calvesbert, of the Suffolk Chamber, told those present at the launch that it was an inclusive group open to small and large businesses, which offered networking, training, as well as 24 hour legal advice for members.

Haverhill was one of the few towns without a chamber, and the new group would help the Suffolk Chamber to better represent the interests of businesses in the town.

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