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BT Sponsors Haverhill Business Awards Launch

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By Elaine Collins on Monday, 2nd August 2004.

Over 120 representatives from local businesses attended the launch of the Haverhill Chamber Business Awards on Friday 30th July.

The event took place at The Woodlands Hotel, Haverhill, on what turned out to be the warmest evening of the year. Attendees were able to enjoy the midsummer sunshine while being treated to champagne and canapés courtesy of British Telecom, sponsors of the launch event.

Haverhill Chamber Chairman, Paul Donno began his address with a light-hearted reference to the flowing champagne, thanking BT for adding the 'sparkle' to the evening. Turning to a more serious note, he drew attention to the significance of BT demonstrating its confidence in Haverhill's business community by supporting the scheme.

"It is deeply reassuring and gratifying," he said, " that an enormous global corporation like BT can pause for a moment, turn its gaze on Haverhill and provide support and encouragement for these new business awards. BT's involvement has already raised the profile of the awards and as a result the town itself. Chamber members are committed to promoting the value of Haverhill. BT's name has imbued prestige on both the awards and the town."

Paul went on to detail the background to the initiative and its aims in recognising excellence and innovation in the area. Referring to a recent article in the Haverhill Weekly News which quoted Lord Sainsbury as saying:

" I have known Haverhill for 40 years and 40 years ago you would not have described it as a very dynamic or high tech area - you would have described it as the opposite. This is a very exciting time for Haverhill…"

Paul confirmed that he felt much the same way, having lived in Haverhill all his life. He went on: "I sense that the formation of the Chamber in February and now the Business Awards initiative has captured both the 'zeitgeist' and the imagination of the business community."

Paul developed his theme further with the inspirational words: "The alchemy of the past 40 years has now paid off. There is gold in the crucible and we need to present this fact to the outside world.

"Haverhill's moment has arrived. Our time is now! The Business Awards will provide the apposite platform for our business community to shine."

Charmaine Symonds, Haverhill Chamber Events Manager and Secretary, concluded the presentations with a description of the development and iconic status of the award trophy.

Acknowledging Castle Manor schoolboy, Robert Conners' original idea for the Chamber logo, she went on to thank the two Haverhill companies responsible for the design and production of the trophies, Pure Energy MultiMedia and Taylor's Foundry. Charmaine described how she felt humbled by their talents and enthusiasm, honoured to be part of what amounts to a Haverhill Brand - a business community that possesses such riches - and proud that it had all been accomplished in Haverhill by Haverhill companies!

Finally, she thanked BT once more for their support and generosity in sponsoring the launch event. She expressed her belief that British Telecom's involvement, at such an early stage, would provide a spark to ignite the blaze of publicity set to accompany the awards initiative, through to and beyond the Gala Presentation Ball in May 2005.

Elaine Collins © Gold PR

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