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Thursday, 29th May 2008.

Haverhill business group, Haverhill Enterprise has launched a fresh, new business image and marketing campaign, designed to spotlight Haverhill's increasing status as an economic powerhouse of the eastern region and to promote the town as a leading UK business location.

The May launch of the 'Focus on Haverhill' campaign follows the public presentation of the initiative in April at a champagne reception held at one of the town's symbols of success, Genzyme.

Business and political leaders from across the region gathered at this glittering event to view the new publicity film, website and brochure which have been produced to promote Haverhill as a 21st century business destination. Unveiling the generic 'Focus on Haverhill' theme, which builds on the CB9 Haverhill brand developed in 2006, the film demonstrates, through striking images of the town and its people, a range of messages celebrating the diversity and success of Haverhill business while presenting a snapshot of the area’s investment opportunities.

Guests were able to enjoy a further glimpse of the area’s outstanding produce through an impressive sushi buffet, supplied by the Cambridge Sushi Company, based in Haverhill, and excellent wines from Chilford Hall Vineyard.

Keynote speakers included West Suffolk MP Richard Spring and Leader of St Edmundsbury Borough Council, John Griffiths.

Richard Spring described the evening as a landmark occasion saying: “Haverhill is a huge and inspirational success story for the 21st century, not just for the town, but for the whole region. The launch of 'Focus on Haverhill' reaffirms Haverhill's status as a leading player in the East of England economy.

"The new website and accompanying brochure will be valuable tools to showcase Haverhill's commercial acumen and attract new business investment to the town. These will be among the first images that businesses see when they view Haverhill as a business destination. As such you would expect them to have impact, and they do!”

Directing the initiative and introducing the 'Focus on Haverhill' identity to market is local business group Haverhill Enterprise. A new era in the development of the town began with the setting up of Haverhill Enterprise in 1995. Formed by senior Haverhill business people and leading industrialists to drive the town’s ambitious growth plans forward, Haverhill Enterprise continues to act as a pressure group, working to raise the profile of Haverhill and lobbying for improvements to its infrastructure.

Commenting on the new campaign's aims, Haverhill Enterprise Chairman, Richard Herbert of the Herbert Group said: "The 'Focus on Haverhill' initiative has been developed to fulfill the growing requirement for up-to-the-minute information tailored to meet the needs of a business audience. We are responding to the demands from potential investors and developers, as well as people and staff relocating to Haverhill, who wanted to know more about working and living in the town, and why it is fast becoming one of the region’s leading business and investment hotspots.

“Haverhill is a town for the future. It's got a long history of business, from manufacturing to biotechnology, and a very broad set of skills for a very broad business culture. Investors and developers are already taking advantage of the opportunities now available. Haverhill offers easy access to European and UK markets, a wide range of modern, cost-competitive property options, an adaptable, skilled and motivated workforce, a strong supplier network for many key sectors, good transport infrastructure and an increasingly attractive physical environment with good cultural and leisure facilities.

“This initiative is not about developing flashy slogans - it's much more real that that. This is about providing information and showing what a modern, vibrant and successful town Haverhill is."

At the heart of the enterprise is the new interactive website and supporting brochure which dovetail perfectly to spearhead the marketing drive. Created by Haverhill marketing communications company, Pure Energy and Printwise (Haverhill), these promotional materials provide a wealth of information and key data.

Jason Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Pure Energy explained: "Our key objective was to build pride of place, while boosting awareness and understanding of the investment opportunities Haverhill has to offer. We have tried to convey the spirit of creativity and enterprise that exists here, along with the town’s young, diverse and aspirational culture."

Chairman of Printwise, Terry McGerty said: "“I am delighted to be involved in developing Haverhill's new business image and the creation of these promotional materials. We have never before had the opportunity to present a shared, cohesive marketing identity that can support all sectors in their work to enhance the town’s reputation on a national stage. This project will benefit us all by helping to encourage further expansion and attract more investment to ensure the town's future prosperity.”

The creation of Haverhill’s slick new image marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the town. Visitors can’t miss the present underlying energy. There is a strong sense that the whole area is undergoing sweeping changes and the town is being thrust more and more into the spotlight. With its town centre poised on the verge of major redevelopment, current investment in Haverhill’s commercial and cultural facilities includes a £9 million multiplex cinema development and a £4 million refurbishment of Haverhill Leisure Centre.

Gerry Taylor, Chairman of Taylors Foundry confirms: "Haverhill really does have the X factor – a unique and increasing combination of facilities and support that creates the environment and infrastructure necessary for success.”

There’s even more of a buzz at Haverhill Business Park where work is well underway on a 191,000 sq ft new distribution facility for Culina Logistics, the UK’s leading multi-temperature supply chain specialist. Commenting on the new facility, Rien Brakel of Culina Logistics, said: “As Culina goes from strength to strength, Haverhill provides the perfect platform for the next phase of our expansion in the UK.”

Summing up the future, Richard Herbert said: “Haverhill Enterprise is all about delivery, about getting on with the job and making it happen. We have made no secret of the fact that Haverhill is a town with ambition. Haverhill Enterprise will continue to push that ambition firmly forward and project the voice of Haverhill’s ambitions onto a larger stage.”

The 'Focus on Haverhill' initiative has been supported by St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

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