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Museum Director features in BBC 4 Micro Men Film

Haverhill TV

By Elaine Collins on Friday, 21st August 2009.

A film that charts the rise of today's globally-linked, instantly-gratified digital culture
and presents a unique insight into how developments in technology have shaped British lives over the last 50 years will be shown TV soon.

Throughtout production the film has been known as "Syntax Era" but has recently been re-titled to "Micro Men" and will be shown as part of the BBC4 season of programmes "Electric Revolution".

Martin Freeman (The Office) and Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong & Miller, Mutual Friends) star in this single drama which provides an affectionately comic account of the race for home computer supremacy in the Eighties.

Micro Men documents the lengthy rivalry between maverick visionary Sir Clive Sinclair (Armstrong) and his former colleague Chris Curry (Freeman) who go head-to-head to achieve domination of the growing home computer market. Micro Men gives an amusing insight into the brilliant but eccentric characters that triggered the beginning of the UK computer revolution.

As well as using many computer and electronics props sourced from The Centre for Computing History in Haverhill and the film also features our very own Jason Fitzpatrick, director of the museum who plays the part of David Johnson-Davies.

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