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Acorns hope to help business oak trees to grow

Monday, 19th September 2011.

Two successful Haverhill businesswomen are creating a scheme to help new entrepreneurs build their businesses, and were congratulated by the town's when he launched the idea on Friday.

Jan Cavelle of Jan Cavelle Furniture and Theresa Foddering of ARevolution beauty salon have joined forces to create Enterprising Acorns.

The scheme was officially launched by MP Matthew Hancock, who admitted that when they first broached it to him he had no idea what they were talking about.

Since then he had found out more and now described it as 'a fantastic idea', and said it showed the sort of community spirit which made him so committed to representing Haverhill.

The basic idea of Enterprising Acorns is to provide a bank of expertise for new and growing town businesses.

In order to access this, people would not have to pay, but just pledge some hours of their own expertise further down the line to future new businesses.

To start the whole thing off Jan and Theresa have persuaded 30 expert business peoplein different fields to give some hours of their time to advise and mentor.

Mr Hancock said this was a magnificent example of the business community pulling together to help one another.

"They have pulled together 30 very smart people so that the thing is off the ground before it is launched," he said, "and they have come up with this brilliant 'time bank' idea.

"One of the things that makes me so passionate about representing Haverhill is that there is such a sense of community spirit here.

"It is a town on the up and you can feel it in thr schools and in the community. Things are only going to get better for Haverhill, but this is a difficult time and the only way through it is for us all to help each other."

Several experts were present at the launch, covering such fields as banking, HR, IT, legal, marketing, investment finance and coaching.

Jan Cavelle said: "We were concerned about the economy in general and Haverhill in particular, and we wanted to do something about it to put Haverhill of the UK entrepreneaurial map."

Theresa Foddering said: "I was asked to become involved as a young girl who has set up a business at a young age. We need this scheme to help businesses and I believe in encouraging businesses to be as successfulas I have been.

"Haverhill has a lot to be proud of. Our businesses have been successful not just at a local level but at a national level as well.

"The aim is simply to encourage new entrepreneurs and to help to provide employment in the town.

"We should encourage children to be entrepreneurial and creative, so we arelaunching this along with Castle Manor and Samuel Ward schools."

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