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Bulldoze Queen's Square, urges businessman

Friday, 16th October 2009.

One of Haverhill's leading businessmen has urged that Queen's Square and the north side of Queen Street be bulldozed as soon as possible.

Richard Herbert, chairman of Haverhill Enterprise, the group which organised this week's business exhibition, declared this dramatic idea a main aim of the group, during his remarks at the opening of the exhibition.

With planners, councillors and many senior business representatives present in his audience, Mr Herbert said although we now had Tesco, refurbished Sainsbury's and Iceland, there were still a wide variety of shopping categories which were not present in the town.

"We know what we want next," he said. "We would like to see Queen's Square and the north side of Queen Street bulldozed. Get out the ball and chain and knock it all down, and then get some business to take the area on."

Mr Herbert pointed to the display from the Museum of Computing History in the town, present at the exhibition, and asked people to cast their minds back to what Haverhill was like in 1979, when the earliest exhibit there had been made.

"Someone recently told me they knew of no town which had changed so much for the better in the last decade or so," he said.

Mr Herbert expanded his view after the exhibition opening, saying he was expressing his hopes for the next ten years. But he added he was sorry St Edmundsbury Council had made Queen Street part of a conservation area, saying it was no different to numerous streets in any other town in the country.

The rear of Queen Street's north side has recently been exposed unflatteringly to view from the vantage point of the new Tesco.

* Our picture shows Queen's Square, which Haverhill Enterprise businessmen would like to see demolished.

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Haverhill, UkPosted by THE WANDERER at 7:57PM on 16th October, 2009. (82.20.xxx.xxx)

Well,Mr.Herbert - I couldn't agree more! Drastic measure-perhaps;but a necessary one!

In fact I wonder if you read my post on the local issue board a few months ago,saying much the same thing?
I will have to see if I can 'resurrect' it,so you can see the similarity!

Haverhill, UkPosted by THE WANDERER at 8:06PM on 16th October, 2009. (82.20.xxx.xxx)

You read it here first,folks!!

Posted by THE WANDERER at 4:14PM on 27th April, 2009. (81.109.xxx.xxx)

Interesting proposal - the 'tarting up' of Queens Street,new shopfronts,etc.
But if you will excuse the pun,is this not just window dressing?

What is surely needed is a radical appraisal of the whole area. Viewing the right hand side from the town centre,it is possible a lick of paint and other cosmetic changes are all that are needed. Until you get to Queens Square, that is! But I understand that too is due for a much needed makeover when it provides a link to Tesco's.

The main concern is the opposite side of the road - various size properties which look as though they were thrown together in haste,having no regard for form or design !These premises have very little architectural merit,even the Queens Head' looks tatty and run down,and if the former Hovis mill could be sacrificed for Tesco's, I can see little argument in retaining this building in it's present form. This area needs to cleared and a modern precinct built,taking in land adjoining the library and the new housing development in Keebles Yard. A developer needs to be approached with a view to a mini 'Arc' being created - (though,hopefully without the 'elephant cladding') !
Maybe a medium size quality store such as Palmer's could be approached to occupy a flagship store. This in my opinion is the way forward if the town is to compete in the new post Tesco era.

Haverhill, UkPosted by THE WANDERER at 8:09PM on 17th October, 2009. (81.109.xxx.xxx)

Just thinking aloud - perhaps Nic Rumsey of Carisbrooke Investments could be persuaded to look into this?


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