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Campaign to stop drivers behaving badly at crossings

Monday, 5th October 2009.

Motorists who drive around crossing patrols, are abusive to them or rev loudly when children are being helped across are being targeted this month.

All these actions have been the subjects of recent complaints in Suffolk.

Suffolk County Councilís annual Stop Means Stop campaign started today and runs to the end of the month.

The campaign, run in association with other local authorities in the eastern region, will help make drivers aware that patrol officers have the same legal powers to stop traffic as the police.

Another driver misconception is that patrol officers are only permitted by law to help children cross.

Drivers should be aware that changes to the 2001 Road Traffic Act means that a patrol officer can stop traffic to help all pedestrians cross, not just children.

In the last year Suffolk County Councilís Road Safety Team has received a number of complaints from patrols about the selfish behaviour of some drivers.

The complaints include failing to stop, driving around the patrol when they are on the road, using abusive language, threatening the patrol with physical violence and loudly revving the engine while the patrol and children are in the road.

David Chenery, the council's road safety group manager, said; "School crossing patrol officers play a vital role in ensuring school children are provided with a safe route to and from school. They should be able to do this without fear of intimidation and threatening behaviour from inconsiderate motorists.

"Drivers should remember that if their car journey takes them through a patrolled area they should allow a bit of extra time, slow down and be prepared and willing to stop when requested to do so by the patrol Officer."

For more information on school crossing patrols contact the road safety team on 01473 265006.

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