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Clamped car racks up the parking enforcement threat

Wednesday, 12th December 2012.

A clamped car in Haverhill town centre today showed the way parking enforcement in the town could go soon if motorists continue to flout regulations.

Police handing out tickets and fines has made little difference, and Suffolk County Council has discounted any chance of pedestrianisation or barriers, so new ideas are being tried out.

Today saw a high-profile publicity stunt by police and Haverhill Town Council to warn of what the future may hold if the disregard for the law goes on.

Town clerk Will Austin parked his car on the market square and it was then clamped for all passing drivers - and there was a constant stream - to see.

He and PC Will Wright have been working on short-term solutions, while continuing to pressure the county council to reconsider pedestrianisation.

Many, including some town councillors have called for clamping or towaway to be employed.

PC Wright has been coning off sections of the street to try to enforce double yellow lines for the past week, but admitted it had little effect when the cones were taken away.

Even while they are there, motorists move them to park on the pavement or on the double yellow lines, residents claimed at a public meeting on Monday.

Police officers in uniform standing on the pavement have even been asked by motorists to move so they can park there, and many have received abuse from angry drivers asked to move their cars.

Mr Austin said today's publicity effort showed the town council and the police working together as local agencies to find local solutions to locally-raised problems.

But these would only be short-term solutions to immediate problems at best and they would continue to press both borough and county councils as they were the ones with the power and resources to make a real difference.

"Haverhill High Street currently caters for the short-stay shopper," he said. "We want to present the town centre as one where larger retailers will want to set up and we think these traffic issues deter them."

PC Wright said the clamping was just one idea. "If you park responsibly then this need not happen," he said. "I would urge people to be considerate and to let us in the police get on with more meaningful tasks in the community."

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