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Council acts over Tesco litter

Wednesday, 30th September 2009.

Just two days after Tesco's new superstore opened in the town, Haverhill Town Councillors heard the first complaints about litter on the site.

Councillor Pat Hanlon told members an area of steps at the back of the store connecting with the railway walk had become heavily littered with Tesco lemonade bottles and crisp packets.

Councillor Anne Gower told him any such problems should be reported to the store manager who had undertaken to sort them out quickly, but Councillor Hanlon wanted to be sure it was done as a matter of course.

"I can't be policing this all the time. I want to make sure it is done on a regular basis," he said.

The council agreed to write to the store manager to request the area was tidied regularly.

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Haverhill, UKPosted by Beefeater at 6:20PM on 30th September, 2009. (87.112.xxx.xxx)

It's not just Tesco's litter that the Council need to address. Living along Withersfield Road myself and other residents get litter thrown and blown in our gardens from ALL take aways in the town including Subway and KFC. I have complained to the Council and to St Eds at various times over the years but NOTHING is done - no extra litter bins, no enforcement no nothing. In contast I visited Bury 3 weeks ago and saw hardly any litter at all. Haverhill is full of litter wherever you go and it can only be described as a toilet - a place to deposit waste matter. I have photographic proof of the litter I find in my garden and I have some now which I will be taking to the Council Offices and presenting it to them as a gift. I am sick of it but somebody has to make a point.

Haverhill, UkPosted by THE WANDERER at 9:02PM on 30th September, 2009. (86.27.xxx.xxx)

Can hardly just blame the council though,can you?
People who are caught littering need to be shamed into thinking twice before disposing of rubbish in an anti-social way.
How many people have been brought before the courts locally for offending,when bye laws exist to prevent this problem at source?

Haverhill, UKPosted by Beefeater at 9:41PM on 30th September, 2009. (87.112.xxx.xxx)

I partly agree with you, however it would help if the council provided litter bins so to give people the opportunity to deposit their litter. I don't know where you live but those who live on the new estates don't experience the sort of problems that we do who live not too far from the town centre.
There are loads of laws and by laws that are well meaning, but there is nobody to enforce them. The attitude from St Eds leaves a lot to be desired - they once said to me that there was no point in putting more litter bins in the town because people wouldn''t use them. Self defeatist or what...


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