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Council sees feedback on future plans for town

Thursday, 21st January 2010.

Individuals and agencies concerned about future Haverhill development have raised a variety of issues in a recent consultation about the council's preferred options for St Edmundsbury.

A series of policies outlining how decisions on future development will be managed were published in St Edmundsbury Council's development management document for a nine-week consultation last August.

Feedback was condensed into a report for members of the council's sustainable development panel last week.

Responses came from site-owners and their agents, agencies and individuals.

Objections to some policies came from parties concerned about some major future proposals, such as Haverhill's north-wastern bypass, which, if adopted, would have serious implications for Haverhill Golf Course and for Calford Green.

There were also concerns raised by agents for large or significant landowners in and around the town, such as Bidwells, acting for the North-West Haverhill Landowners Consortium, the Vestey trustees and Mrs Pelly, and for the Bypass Farm Partnership.

Carter Jonas, acting for Wisdom, raised issues which might affect future uses of their factory and allotments sites in Colne Valley Road and Duddery Hill.

There were comments from agencies ranging from English Heritage and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to Suffolk Highways Agency and Suffolk Constabulary.

The police are keen that any development over 50 homes should have to have a crime and disorder impact assessment carried out first.

But there was input from individuals as well. Nathan Loader raised issues about sustainable transport and highlighted some in Haverhill.

"It is no good providing people choice of travel by alternate modes if the choice is not viable e.g. if the destination of work is not near public transport destination," he says.

On supposed footpath improvements, he says: "Will these 'improvements' be like the ones not completed between the old railway line (footpath and cycleway) in Haverhill. The path continues through from one end of the town and stops one field short of the new housing
development of Alderton Close/Colbeck Road, meaning there is no foot or cycle way through for the new occupiers into the town without walking through a mud field? This development was built in around 2007 yet nothing has been done to reinstate this route."

He also has some choice comments about bus stops, saying they should have designated safe areas for waiting. Where the pick up point is near a main road (like the A1307) the bus route should either take the passengers to this safe zone on the side of the road of the settlement without requiring the passengers to negotiate crossing a very busy road a peak times or a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing should be provided. This is to avoid passengers being killed on their way home from using the preferred sustainable transport methods.

All the comments can be viewed on the council's website at www.stedmundsbury.gov.uk/LDF

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