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Garage search may help stop nuisance bikers

Friday, 9th April 2010.

Garages on Haverhill's Clements estate may be searched in an attempt to find off-road motor-bikes which have been ridden around the estate causing disturbance to residents.

Complaints from the public about motor-bikes 'roaring around' have led to the issue being made one of Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team's monthly priorities.

Sgt Sarah Bartley told yesterday's SNT meeting police had received complaints about both motor-bikes and motorised mini-bikes.

It was a problem which the SNT had spent some effort on last year and Sgt Bartley was keen to try to nip it in the bud this year if possible.

Last year police had seized and crushed 11 bikes, but the message had still not got home to offenders.

"It is a game," Sgt Bartley said. "They like to be chased around the estates, and because of the design of the alleyways it is easy for them to get away."

PC Michael Potter said there was a lot of pooling of the bikes, which were old and 'very ropey', and many of the bikes siezed had been dumped anyway by riders.

Town clerk Gordon Mussett said that suggested someone was sourcing or supplying them, probably an adult.

Havebury Housing Partnership agreed to a rolling programme of opening all its garages in the town, starting with the Clements estate, to see what was in them, because supplying the bikes could be a tenancy issue.

SNT chairman Cllr Tim Marks said the problem had a huge impact on people's lives. "It is up to the community at large to help do something about it," he said.

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