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Labour group promises to back opponents of the cuts

Friday, 31st December 2010.

Haverhill Labour Group is offering to support anyone who wants to fight government cutbacks in the new year.

The group has thanked everyone who visited its stall in the high street at Family Christmas Night on December 10.

The group distributed 1,500 leaflets, and consulted people about issues in Haverhill and for residents in specific ewards.

The Labour group leader on Haverhill Town Council, Cllr Maureen Byrne, said: "We have taken on board the issues that you are most concerned about, and will action them all, on your behalf at local and national level."

The issues that particularly raised concern among residents were centred about national and local government cuts.

These included:
• Welfare benefits, child benefit in particular;
• Sure Start projects that have given mothers and children a foundation for development preschool;
• Those currently receiving disability payments being likely to have them re-assessed, withdrawn or decreased. If there is a need to appeal, the Labour group is offering support.
• Social housing which may not be guaranteed if people have a pay rise that takes them above the payment thresholds to be set.

Cllr Mrs Byrne said: "We also have to support our Police Forces and to fight with every breath the opposition to privatisation of the NHS and the cutting of nurses pay.

"The ConDems have broken most of their election promises; but as a result of the cuts the hardest hit will be families.

"It has always been the Labour party’s position to keep people in their homes and in employment which assists a vulnerable economy.

"Some residents have a view that the town council should not be a political platform, and we should work collectively for our residents. On the majority of issues this works very well.

"However national political decisions made by Government will cut into the heart of our community. It will not just have an impact on our local services, it will have a disastrous impact on employment. Redundancies and unemployment are already on the increase.

"Our Conservative colleagues (town, county and borough), we suggest, will have some difficulty in challenging their party's national policies on cutbacks, not just the over services for Haverhill, but representing their ward residents when a robust challenge is needed politically to fight the cutbacks."

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