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Playing Field Bikers Make Residents' Lives A Misery

Thursday, 22nd June 2006.

Residents living close to a playing field say they are prisoners in their own homes because of the deafening noise of motorbikes being ridden on it day and night.

Shirley Mitchell of Cavendish Court, Haverhill, says she has complained to police about the problem on the Puddlebrook field and they have tried to deal with it.

Now she is urging others in the area to report the disturbances to the police and try to get them stopped. The field has a children's play area on it and Mrs Mitchell fears someone will get hurt if nothing is done.

"It must be affecting other people as well, but I seem to be the only person complaining. The noise is absolutely deafening, it is horrendous and it goes on for hours on end. It has got to the stage where you cannot sit out in your garden and we are like prisoners in our houses.

"I cannot believe people are putting up with it. The speed they are going they could run a little one over. It is devastating and it is a shame because this is a lovely estate, even though it gets a lot of stick," Mrs Mitchell said.

Dorothy Mortonson, 78, has lived in Cavendish Court for 29 years, but says even in the house she has to shut the windows and turn up her television to hear it. "If you go outside to the garden the noise is absolutely dreadful. They are breaking the law and if you call the ploice they send a car up, but they dont' even get out and they are still going up and down. If we say anything you just get sworn at," Mrs Mortonson said.

Inspector Bruce Gent, Haverhill's sector commander, agreed that there was a perennial problem with motor bikes and mini motor bikes being ridden on the field and urged people to report those responsible on the new confidential police hotline number.

Sgt. Phil Payne was dealing with the problem and discussing putting up signs and possibly fencing with the landowner. Police also have powers to confiscate machines being ridden in an anti-social manner. The hotline number is 01284 774029

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