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Police make plans to deal with World Cup trouble

Thursday, 3rd June 2010.

With just over a week to go until the first game of the 2010 World Cup kicks off Suffolk police are appealing to everyone to behave sensibly and appropriately.

Police in Haverhill have already warned they will be out patrolling for all the World Cup fixtures to deal with anyone who takes their enjoyment too far.

Police say they are eager for everyone to enjoy the World Cup but are aware that an increased amount of alcohol and intensified emotions can lead to an increase in public order offences and domestic violence.

A four-fold poster campaign is being launched throughout Suffolk aimed at highlighting some of the issues that arise during large events such as this.

The posters, covering domestic violence, public order offences and hate crime will be seen in premises throughout the county from now on.

A national domestic abuse campaign was launched last week by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), who highlighted that cases
of domestic abuse increased by nearly 30 per cent on England match days during the previous World Cup.

Suffolk did not see the same large ‘spike’
in the total number of domestic incidents in 2006 but it did see an increase in the number of domestic abuse incidents on England match days
where alcohol was a factor.

The highest was when England played Ecuador when 25 out of 30 incidents of domestic abuse incidents reported were alcohol related, equating to 83 per cent.

Suffolk police are supporting this national campaign and have created a poster entitled, This Is Not A Game, showing a Subbuteo man standing next to a Subbuteo woman who is lying on the floor.

The poster appeals to people to ‘Blow the whistle on domestic violence’ this World Cup. Marianne Fellowes of the Domestic Abuse Team is urging not only the victims of domestic abuse to come forward but also friends and family who are aware that it is taking place.

She says: “Alcohol is no excuse for emotional, financial, physical or sexual abuse within a relationship.

"This is why we have joined up with partner agencies to warn potential offenders, and to encourage victims and family members to report incidents.

"Those who are violent after football matches may have been drinking, but the majority of them will already be behaving abusively when not drunk as well.

"There are opportunities nationally and locally for both offenders to change their behaviour and for victims to understand the true nature of abuse, and to access groups or individual support.

"We encourage people to seek help out as soon as possible whether it is through ourselves or other organisations.”

Police will also be focusing on policing the county in relation to public order offences. Two posters have been produced to make people think about the consequences should they not behave

The first continues the football theme saying:
‘Remember, if too much alcohol makes you kick off, we’ve always got room on our bench.’

The second depicts a pub menu, which lists drinks and their prices alongside offences and the price some people will face this summer.

While a pint of lager will cost you £2.90,
aggressive behaviour will cost £80 and a ban at your local.

In preparation for policing during the World Cup each district in Suffolk has developed it’s own specific policing plan, with local police and licensing officers identifying places that are showing football matches.

There will be an increased police presence on England match days in town centres throughout the county to minimise the risk of any alcohol-related disorder.

Should any major public order incidents take place, there will be specially trained officers on duty and available to respond as soon as possible.

Superintendent John Everett said: “We encourage everyone to enjoy the World Cup, while staying tolerent to others and making sure they don’t
drink to excess.

"If everyone behaves appropriately and gets home safely without having committed any criminal offences it promises to be an exciting month for all.”

The fourth and final poster in the campaign focuses on hate crime.

Suffolk is a diverse county and, just like the World Cup, has representatives from many different countries.

Through the poster campaign and work within the community police are encouraging people to ‘Call time on hate crime’ and hope that everyone, no matter who they support, can enjoy the World Cup.

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