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Police message to teenagers on how to stay safe in summer holidays

Wednesday, 3rd August 2011.

Teenagers and young people throughout Suffolk are being reminded to drink sensibly and stay together during the summer holidays.

The police’s safety messages aim to curb the number of drink and assault-related offences involving young men and women, especially those who have left school.

The message is that if you drink too much you put other people in danger as well as yourself. Officers are highlighting the dangers of under age drinking and drink-related violence.

Even though the chances of being a victim of crime are low in Suffolk, officers will be looking to hammer home the message of staying safe.

Police traditionally see a rise in sexual assaults during the summer. People can reduce how vulnerable they make themselves by watching how much they drink, not becoming separated from friends and booking taxis home in advance.

Ch Insp Kerry Cutler wants to reinforce the importance of drinking responsibly.

“We know young people will be spending more time socialising and are often outdoors in warm weather either having parties, barbecues or just going into town, and we really want to get a message to them to think about their behaviour and the impact alcohol can have on them,” said Ch Insp Cutler.

“We want them to take a sensible approach to drinking and want them to respect themselves by being responsible.”

Police are also urging people to take some simple steps to avoid becoming victims of theft and robbery while out enjoying themselves.

They say a proportion of policing involves stopping crime happening in the first place and everyone can play a part in this by protecting their property.

Chief Insp Cutler added: “I would ask people to think about their personal security when they are out socialising. Stick with your friends and don’t travel home alone, don’t show off your mobile in public and don’t carry your mobile or wallet in your back pocket as opportunist and career thieves can find you easy targets.

"Finally, if you meet a potential sexual partner and they do not wish to go any further, then take their no as exactly that.”

Anyone can make the most of their smart telephones to ensure their property is secure. New technology means modern devices can download applications to trace or track it via GPS (Global Positioning System) such as Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app.

Mobile telephones can also be logged on www.immobilise.com along with any other precious belongings. The site is free to register and helps to combat the sale of stolen items.

Its database is linked directly to police systems so when officers recover any property, for whatever reason, they can check it against logged items and return them to their rightful owners.

Officers are also asking parents not to provide their children with alcohol and to talk to them about responsible behaviour if they are going out.

Ch Insp Cutler added: “Under the influence of alcohol, you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation and we don’t want to have to contact parents to come and get their child – or worse still, to let them know they have been injured.”

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