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Town to top list of aims

By Jo Deeks on Thursday, 13th May 1999.

A "VIABLE, successful town centre" has been promised to Haverhill by Conservative district councillors following their election victory.

The party took back control of St Edmundsbury Borough Council from Labour, but new council leader Mike Brundle said they would set aside political differences to work with the 16 Labour Haverhill Town Councillors for the good of the town. "Obviously we are absolutely delighted to regain control of the council after four years," said Coun Brundle.
"We are looking forward to an administration concentrating very much on important issues rather than gloss.
"We will treat the Clements estate as a priority and see if we can come forward with a programme for the rest of the estate. We want to make sure the traders in Queen Street have their voice heard and we will do everything in our power to make Haverhill a viable, successful town centre.
"We are committed to making sure the rate burden is the minimum amount possible. We will not be so free-spending, but we will make sure our services are maintained and are better than anyone elses."
He also pledged to liase with Haverhill Enterprise 2000 and the town’s Chamber of Commerce and, while backing the expansion of Haverhill, promised to address the concerns of the villages around it.
Although the Conservatives regained overall control of the council, Labour made gains in Haverhill itself, taking two seats from Liberal Democrats Colin and Janice Jones, who had stepped down.
Former Labour council leader Gerry Kiernan, who retained his seat, said that after regaining control for only the first time in 15 years at the previous election, the Labour party was not too surprised at this election’s result.
He said: "Personally it will mean a lot more time for myself, but I do think a lot of the public involvement we have it encouraged may be pushed out."

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