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Traffic study backs calls for A1307 corridor upgrade

Monday, 3rd November 2014.

A crucial traffic study on the A1307 has boosted calls for a major improvement to the transport corridor.

Advanced Transport Research (ATR) recently conducted a series of traffic surveys in June 2014 on the A1307 corridor between Haverhill and Cambridge.

The survey data collected has now been published to show the typical weekday traffic flow on the A1307 east of Linton.

These results show a sharp westbound peak in the AM and a broader eastbound peak in the PM. This tidal flow is as expected and represents vehicles travelling towards Cambridge during the morning and leaving during the afternoon/evening.

The high levels of traffic recorded in and out of Haverhill show how difficult it is for the villages to access the A1307 at peak times. This shows that Haverhill is not self-contained and any expansion to the town would make an already difficult situation worse.

The survey also shows that the majority of the traffic using the A1307 then proceeds onto the A505. This means that most people are either travelling into Cambridge or around the South side of Cambridge to access the M11 northbound and A14, A428, A1(M).

Matthew Hancock MP said: “This is yet more evidence that we must urgently improve the A1307. As it stands the A1307 is a highly dangerous road on which far too many tragic accidents occur.

"Crucially, this recent report shows that the economic case is strong and that we should look further into dualling the A1307.

"All options do need to be considered to best unlock the growth that is currently hindered by the high volumes of traffic.

"This is a big issue for Haverhill and these figures show just how important that issue is. I am working hard to get it sorted.”

Cambridgeshire County Cllr Roger Hickford, who is the local member and chairman of the A1307 Steering Group, said: “This is a very important report. In 2012 the A1307 was officially designated as being over-capacity, but since then there has been a big increase in the volume of traffic using the road - an increase in peak periods of five per cent in the mornings and 11 per cent in the evenings.

"There is also a ten per cent increase in traffic going to Haverhill in the mornings, making it even more difficult for residents to enter and exit villages along the route.

"One out of every 12 vehicles using the A1307 is an HCV. On top of all this, the figures suggest that 12 per cent of the traffic using the A1307 commuter corridor do not actually use the A1307, but instead prefer to by-pass the A1307 and use the roads through the villages, especially in the mornings.

"The next step for Cambridgeshire County Council is to commission a study for all possible solutions and their effectiveness and feasibility, which will include looking at improving public transport, a railway link and road upgrading."

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