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LyftHaus - Platform lifts that compliment fine architecture.

Based in Steeple Bumpstead, just outside of Haverhill in Suffolk, Lyfthaus has a long heritage that dates back to 1964. Sister company, Edmolift, have produced scissor lift platforms to transport goods easily and since then, they have developed this idea further into something new and highly innovative.

As a result of advanced technology, they have thoroughly improved the initial design of the lift and made their lifts stand out from the others. With their refreshing ideas, they have derived an extensive range of lifts that cater for an array of needs. As well as this they have provided disabled access for those who are often discriminated against.

Lyfthaus take a unique approach when it comes to designing and installing a lift which suits the environment specifically. All their lifts are stylish and contemporary. Their talented team of designers and manufacturers are the experts when it comes to adapting the lift to suit its surroundings. They are renowned for our innovative technology and bespoke adaptability, and they guarantee your lift will offer the most reliable operation.

For more information visit : www.LyftyHaus.com

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