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Mezzanine Manufacturing - A Mezzanine Floor Installation Company

The Mezzanine Manufacturing Company Ltd, offers a complete mezzanine flooring solution to all sizes of businesses. We are a trade only mezzanine supplier that is part of the United Group of Companies. Our bespoke mezzanine floors are used across the width and breadth of the UK and are seen as an inexpensive solution for business expansion.

A mezzanine floor is generally the cheapest option for delivering a increased working area without investing in additional property. A mezzanine floor is also classed as capital equipment, so there will be the appropriate tax advantages. Ideal for extra storage, increasing a production area, expanding a commercial sales floor or adding extra offices. Utilising unused vertical space provides a host of opportunities for business growth and diversity.

As a part of the United Group of Companies, the product range include, but are not restricted to, Warehouse Racking, Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Coil Racking, Retail Mezzanine Floors, Industrial Mezzanine Floors, Commercial Mezzanine Floors, Fire Protection Mezzanine Floors, Retail Staircases, Commercial Staircases, Industrial Staircases and all types of Retail Fabrications. All designed, manufactured and installed in-house to our customers particular requirements.

They have a purpose built technical department equipped with the latest CAD technology with qualified draftsmen, structural engineers and contract managers with a wealth of experience in overseeing large or small projects. Their technical staff are experienced in working to architects plans if provided, or from their own site surveys to design the most effective layout solution for the customers particular requirements.

In addition to this they are also capable of designing prototypes, created initially using the latest inventor development software to show 3D working images, then manufacturing a full size working sample.

Website : www.mezzaninemanufacturing.co.uk

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