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Millennium 2000 Laser Spectacular

Haverhill celebrated the new Millennium in style with a spectacular laser show, on the Market Square in the town's centre.

The Haverhill-UK web site has exclusive video footage of the event, which is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Two MPEG video files are available to download below, while a 20 minute VHS video is available to buy. Email us for more info ...

Click here to download.

Click on the picture to download the video file to your computer.
The video includes various displays during the prelude to the millennium.
This file is 1.7Mb in size and will take about 10 minutes to download using a 33.6k modem.
Running Time : 1 Minute 06 Seconds

Click here to download.

Click on the picture to download the video file to your computer.
Shows the 10 second countdown to the new millennium, and the following display. This file is 1.5Mb in size and will take about 8 minutes to download using a 33.6k modem.
Running Time : 58 Seconds


HAVERHILL welcomed in the new Millennium with a spectacular laser light show.
Thousands thronged into the Market Square to enjoy the colourful celebrations laid on by the town council.
Two laser light shows illuminated the skies above the town to greet the dawn of the 21st Century. Families enjoyed a short show at 7pm and the main laser lights fired at 10.45pm. The spectacular show took the form of an imaginary radio scanning through the century and picking out moments which changed the world. Key events such as Winston Churchillís rallying cry in the Second World War, Neil Armstrongís first steps on the moon and Englandís triumph over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup were broadcast while lasers marked the date. Music ranging from The Beatles through to present day pop pin-up Robbie Williams added to the party atmosphere. A Millennium countdown was projected by lasers and on the stroke of midnight "Haverhill 2000" was spelled out in the sky while the square filled with smoke. Dancing continued in the square after midnight as revellers celebrated the New Year.
Nick Keeble, leisure worker at Haverhill Town Council, co-ordinated the festivities and was delighted with the evening. He said: "We had a magnificent response. It is hard to estimate how many people were there but there must have been around a thousand for each show. "It was a very good night and it was really great to see so many people enjoying themselves in a good natured way."

Story taken from the Haverhill Weekly News.
Story by Dan Grimmer.

Credits ...

The event was put on by Haverhill Town Council, and co-ordinated by Nick Keeble, with funding from St. Edmundsbury Borough Council.
The laser show was created by Haverhill based company - Laser Innovations.
Video footage taken by Amanda Sharp.
Video production by Jason Fitzpatrick for Pure Energy Entertainments and Haverhill-UK.

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