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Sea Aid - Tsunami Appeal

A group of musicians in Haverhill released a CD single to raise money for the Asian tsunami appeal.

Sea Aid was the concept of Jow Osborne, of Strawberry Fields, who has performed on the town's music circuit for more than 30 years.

The CD featured two songs, with the lead ballad, Children of the Sea, written by Mr Osborne. The track is dedicated to the thousands of people who lost thier lives in the disaster on Boxing day.

The song were performed on electric and acoustic guitars and feature the Haverhill guitar player Eric Roche, who has toured throughout the USA.

"This is the first Band Aid type of event I've ever heard of in Haverhill, so it's worth getting involved in." said Mr. Osborne.

"It's also much more than just throwing a few pounds in a bucket and forgetting about it."

And with a grant from Haverhill Town Council and the song writing complete, the project is going well.

Pure Energy Multimedia provided the CD Duplication service, Printwise produced the CD Sleeve and STP Stationery provided the Blank CD's.
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