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Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Tradman at 9:17PM on 9th February, 2015. (85.210.xxx.xxx)

I am in the photo, sitting near to Mick Wright, I remember Percy Underwood the Headmaster warning us all not to try to get into the photo twice, i.e. by running from one end to the other before the camera slowly moved round.
Happy days

London, EnglandPosted by Janet Martin now Heuerman at 2:06PM on 5th January, 2013. (86.178.xxx.xxx)

Having just entered the computer age I got onto site to look at the photo 1958 it was so good to see and straight away the faces all come back to me as if it was yesterday so many I remember .but as I moved away when I got married 1966 I don't know who is who now .i was next to Ruth Turner and Patrica Donavan . Would like to hear from a any who remember me .

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 9:38PM on 14th December, 2012. (217.43.xxx.xxx)

I am on both the 1958 and 1962 school photographs. 1958 I am 8th from right on the second row from bottom between Madeline Porter and Maureen Adsett. 1962 - 23rd from left 2nd row from top between Madeline Porter and Maureen Middleton. I have so many happy memories of my school friends and school days. I hated maths and netball tho!I It''s nice to see the photo in large format.

Haverhill, UKPosted by willsf at 5:56PM on 26th August, 2011. (109.153.xxx.xxx)

My friend Mandy Thake who was in second year in the photo (the same year as Ben Farrant) is sitting next to me and has enjoyed looking at classmates and remembering so many names and although I am not in the picture I can recognise so many faces from junior school. What a brilliant idea to send this photo in. If only there were some of the junior school but i cannot remember them taking any. Yes we can both remember the Warwick family - so Hi to Carole down under.

Leitchville, AustraliaPosted by Cazinoz at 1:40PM on 21st May, 2011. (203.219.xxx.xxx)

oops Edit..Squeak !!

Leitchville, AustraliaPosted by Cazinoz at 1:38PM on 21st May, 2011. (203.219.xxx.xxx)

Hi yep its little ol Carole Warwick here...Im in this photo as well as the next one this was our 1st Term at the "New-School"!!
Im around about the centre of the pic !! wow this brings back some real good memories .. trying to remember if we still had that quart pint of free milk ..which was invariably warm... & oh how our Plimsoles used to squek on the polished floors ! until Marion Castle would bellow "pick your feet up when you walk"- great days for sure.. Hi to all my school mates wherever you are.
Cazzie .

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