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Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 9:32PM on 11th January, 2013. (86.133.xxx.xxx)

I am Valerie Beavis- I lived in Mount Rd. I am 23rd girl from the left,second from top row. Lovely to see my school friends and teachers. Anyone know the where abouts of Frances Lloyd? I am still in touch with Carol Turner, Madeline Porter, Maureen Middleton and Janice Tillbrook.David Kipps lives in the next village to mine.

LEEDS, UKPosted by Geoff Barber at 10:19PM on 9th August, 2009. (80.47.xxx.xxx)

Hi everone,

Just logged into the site to see myself, aged 12 on the 1992 school photo. My mum still has an orginal copy of the photo somewhere. For anyone who is interested you can locate my ugly mug as follows: If you assume the boys head just above the headmaster is (boy 1) then I'm the fourth boy along on the same row moving right.

It all seems a long time ago and another world looking back that the faces and wondering how old fiends are doing. The only school friend I've managed to contact thus far is Goeff Loveday who is now retired and lives in Spain. I now live in Yorkshire, been married for 38 years and have two great boys and two grand children. I plan to retire next year.

I would be pleased to hear from any of my old school friend, particualy Colin Underwood who I've been trying to contact via Friend United.



HAVERHILL, UKPosted by DRAGON at 2:40PM on 29th July, 2009. (90.203.xxx.xxx)

Hello Carol just a quick word to say hi, my name is Brian doesn't it seam like a lifetime ago when you look back at the photo.

HAVERHILL, UKPosted by DRAGON at 2:33PM on 29th July, 2009. (90.203.xxx.xxx)

Hi I am sitting just in front of Mr Farrar would be interested to hear from anyone in the photo.

Leitchville, AustraliaPosted by Cazinoz at 11:17AM on 25th April, 2009. (202.173.xxx.xxx)

Hi im gonna be 2nd then ! yes im there too right behind [between]Miss M castle & Miss Spicer, i had the most unruly curly hair,! behind me on the right are Jeanette Wade & Tina Thomas, Big Hi girls,& also Hi to everyone out there who remembers me too..........Caz [Carole Warwick]

Haverhill, EnglandPosted by peter willems at 9:40PM on 23rd April, 2009. (90.210.xxx.xxx)

hi am i really the first to post here. I am on the front row with the boys of course in a light coloured jumper (mum couldnt afford a school uni ) sitting next to micheal pannell

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