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Melbourne, AustraliaPosted by Jessie at 8:05AM on 9th April, 2014. (27.253.xxx.xxx)

To LouiseB
If you are not currently on Ancestry.com you can register for a 14 day free trial. Alternatively, can you send me a message via a friend or relatives account.
Does anyone know who Hart Nunn's parents were?

Brighton, EnglandPosted by carbar at 6:05PM on 23rd March, 2014. (86.184.xxx.xxx)

I am researching my family history &have found that my great great great grandfather Robert Spencer 1812-1887 was police constable living in Sturmer in 1851 & Steeple Bumpstead in 1861 & Castle Hedingham in 1871& 1881, He was married to Elizabeth Howett & had 4 children , the youngest Edward was born in Sturmer in 1848. I am interested to learn more about the police in these areas -where were they based, etc.
Additionally, what would have been the school that Edward would have attended.
y help would be appreciated
Many thanks

Sydney , AustraliaPosted by stow at 11:21PM on 19th March, 2014. (101.170.xxx.xxx)

My connection to Haverhill is a bit convoluted. My great grand Aunt Maria Davies married Edward Kiddy (born 1853 Haverhill). His father, George Kiddy married Elizabeth Hart in 1844 Haverhill.

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by somewhereinsuffolk at 8:58AM on 19th March, 2014. (83.195.xxx.xxx)

Hi Stow. All well known Haverhill names. I will be very surprised if someone cannot help.
Out of curiosity what is your connection to Haverhill?

Sydney , AustraliaPosted by stow at 0:55AM on 19th March, 2014. (101.171.xxx.xxx)

Hart and Nunn families of Haverhill Suffolk. I am hoping that someone can help me to find the connection between the Hart and Nunn families. In the 1841 census Elizabeth Hart and her brother Henry are living with Hart Nunn, Mary Nunn and Joseph Nunn. In the 1851 census Elizabeth Kiddy nee Hart is living with her husband George, her brother Henry ,some Kiddy brothers in law and Hart Nunn. In the 1861 census Rhoda Rook nee Kiddy (daughter of George and Elizabeth) has an Elijah Nunn and Phoebe Nunn living with her. Very confusing anyone have any info please?

Swadlincote, EnglandPosted by LouiseB at 11:59AM on 20th February, 2014. (86.153.xxx.xxx)

Hi TonyN

The reason I queried whether double cousins would have been allowed to marry is that the generation above me has an instance of double cousins and the boys and girls were told by their parents that although cousins were usually allowed to marry in their case they couldn\'t because they were double cousins. Not a church prohibition but definitely a parental one!

There was a Sarah Farrant born to George and Ann, they were a dissenting family so it\'s a different set of records, but when you consider the age at which she had her last child that Sarah is borderline too old, which is why I thought it was more likely to be one of the Sarahs born later.

Jessie - I haven\'t been ignoring your suggestion it\'s just Ancestry.com doesn\'t seem to like me - keeps sending me to ancestry.co.uk! (I think it\'s because I let my subscription lapse a few years back.)

ipswich, EnglandPosted by gerry at 9:24AM on 19th February, 2014. (81.102.xxx.xxx)

Hi Tifarr ,
you mentioned you have some contact with the Woollards ,well its the Woollads i\'m researching?

Croydon, United KingdomPosted by TonyN at 5:06PM on 9th February, 2014. (86.161.xxx.xxx)

Hi LouiseB,
I\'m another descendant of Robert & Letitia Nunn - via William Nunn & Emma Metcalf, Reuben Nunn & Rose Thake, John (Jack) Nunn & Dorothy Murray. Perhaps it\'s not surprising there are so many of us as William & Emma had 15 children and they all lived to 70 plus!
Re. Sarah Farrant\'s parentage - I had her parents as George & Ann (nee Wiseman), not sure where I got that from now, but John Farrant/Elizabeth Pettitt sounds more plausible.
You wondered whether Robert and Letitia would have been allowed to marry if they were first cousins twice over (although it seems probable that they were more distantly related on the Farrant side). I think the answer must be yes - as I recall, the Table of Kindred and Affinity in the Prayer Book only forbids marriages between parents/children, siblings, grandparents/grandchildren and parents/children in law.
Best wishes,

Abbotsbury, EnglandPosted by DerekH at 12:20AM on 8th February, 2014. (88.145.xxx.xxx)

Hi Tifarr, nice to hear from you, and thank you for your reply. The information you have supplied has been extremely useful and should save me quite a lot of time going through an elimination process. I notice however that you use a second \"a\" in the surname whereas all the records which I have so far show that as an \"I\" but I\'ve come to expect that sort of thing. It\'s nice to know that my guess was correct about the housing being Gurteens. The girl Frederick married only shows the name Susan (as far as I can tell) on the marriage record, after that she only seems to use Jane.I am still trying to track her down before after that. I do know however that she was still alive when my mother was born in 1923. I am looking forward to hearing more and to enable that my email address is, derek.hoskins@hotmail.co.uk. Frederick carried on as a cloth cutter when the family moved to Plaistow and taught my grandmother, Violet, the trade and she became a tailoress. I look forward to hearing more from you, and thank you very much again.

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by tifarr at 9:14PM on 7th February, 2014. (2.216.xxx.xxx)

DerekH Here is a little to go on.
Fredrick George Wallaker, Born 10th April 1856 Sturmer
Father, William, born 1825. Mother, Emily, born 1825.
Siblings, Amelia, born 1859. Julia Keziah, born 1863. Alice Emily, born 1866.
Fredrick, as many others did, worked for Gurteens, the house he lived in Eden Road, was Gurteens.They owned lots of property. Will update you a.s.a.p.

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by tifarr at 8:21PM on 7th February, 2014. (2.216.xxx.xxx)

DerekH. I have Wallakers in my tree, mothers side.
I have a file on them and will look him up. If I don\'t have him I know someone who will. There were lots in Sturmer and also Kedington. Also linked to them are Gowers, Pask, Rand to name a few.
Will put up what I can find out. May take a few days.
Do you have email?

Royal Borough Of Greenwich, UKPosted by jdedman at 5:07PM on 5th February, 2014. (86.26.xxx.xxx)

DerekH posted on Banter board at 17:16 on Tuesday 04th February, 2014 about his family history request. Sounds very interesting. Do have a look at his post, please. He has had difficulty posting on this board.

Posted by amber at 0:15AM on 15th January, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

thanks mumziz will look at the honeyball families and see where they fit in.have been told that the honeyballs had large families and seemed to have twins i had twins and my mother told me she had twin aunts but as yet have not found them but have found twins in other generations of my honeyballs

London, United KingdomPosted by Mumziz at 7:49PM on 14th January, 2014. (81.106.xxx.xxx)

Amber, I think Sophia\'s parents were Joseph and Letitia (nee Harris) Honeyball. Me and my sister are making plans to visit Helions and Steeple Bumpstead sometime in the summer.

Posted by amber at 11:11AM on 8th January, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

mumziz do you know where sophia honeyball was born or who were her parents as i have honeyballs in my tree

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 2:55PM on 1st January, 2014. (86.172.xxx.xxx)

Mumziz see my message below................there is also St Mary\'s Church in Shudy Camps and All Saints in Castle Camps. Hope this helps. I think tho\' I would start with St Andrews. Good Luck.

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 2:47PM on 1st January, 2014. (86.172.xxx.xxx)

I would imagine Mumziz that you would need the cemetery at St Andrews Church Helions Bumpstead if the cottages were in Camps Rd, Helions Bumpstead itself. I have many family members interred there or their ashes. My Great Grandparents lived in Sages End Rd and had 12 children. When I was a child back in the 1950\'s I am sure I heard my Aunt talk of the Sorrells. If you haven\'t visited there you should as I feel the magic is still there of those days.. Obviously take in other places as well as it is still quite small. Having said that I haven\'t been for several years myself. Pick a sunny day!

Posted by amber at 0:12AM on 31st December, 2013. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

mumziz do you know who were sophie\'s parents and where were they???????????????

London, United KingdomPosted by Mumziz at 6:29PM on 30th December, 2013. (81.106.xxx.xxx)

Can anyone tell me what cemeteries/churches are closest to Camps Cottages in Helions Bumpstead area please. I am trying to locate graves of my great great grandparents William and Sophie (nee Honeyball) Sorrell. Their son, Owen Reuben Sorrell, was my great grandfather and he moved to Edmonton, Middlesex.

Many thanks for any information you can provide.

Melbourne, AustraliaPosted by Jessie at 3:59AM on 9th December, 2013. (27.253.xxx.xxx)

To LouisB and any others interested in the Nunn family in Australia. The best way to contact me without posting your email address for everyone to see would be to access Ancestry.com and leave a message. I have a Private Members Tree. If you type in William Nunn (1832 Haverhill - 1904 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) my Nunn Family Tree should be the first one listed.

Melbourne, AustraliaPosted by Jessie at 3:59AM on 9th December, 2013. (27.253.xxx.xxx)

To LouisB and any others interested in the Nunn family in Australia. The best way to contact me without posting your email address for everyone to see would be to access Ancestry.com and leave a message. I have a Private Members Tree. If you type in William Nunn (1832 Haverhill - 1904 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) my Nunn Family Tree should be the first one listed.

Middlesbrough, EnglandPosted by satch at 5:15PM on 7th December, 2013. (86.168.xxx.xxx)

Hi, I have not used the site for some time!! I have hit a stumbling block with my family tree. Stuck with William Hal? Hale ??? Born in 1759, Known as William Halls - Sargeant. William was my 3 times G Grandfather. His parents were possibly a Joseph and Mary though Rebecka Halls has not been ruled out as his birth mother. The Sargeants lived in Hundon and my grandad Shepherd and his brothers Joseph and Thomas migrated North, presumably for work. They were still living in Hundon in 1871 and Shepherd married my grandmother Elizabeth Braddy from Cowlinge on Boxing Day 1878 in North Ormesby parish church. If anyone can do a look up for me in Parish records or has any information I will be very grateful.

Many thanks,

Hemel Hempstead, United KingdomPosted by sparklingsilver at 1:42PM on 1st December, 2013. (80.47.xxx.xxx)

Is there someone familiar with parish records for St. Mary the Virgin, Havering, willing to help me? JOHN COLE BAKER was a Vinegar Merchant with premises at Bermondsey, London. He was buried at Haverhill, Suffolk, on 7 October, 1836, and his will, proved on 31st October, 1836, states gentleman of Haverhill, Suffolk. He does not appear to have had children but names his wife Mary Jemima -------- and his sister Ann Harman.
His sister, Ann, married a Charles Harman, of Fleet Street, London, at Bocking, Essex, at which John was a witness, in the same time frame that my ancestor, Elizabeth Baker, was baptised there in 1790. What I am trying to establish is whether the Baker family were originally of Haverhill.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me whether or not John Cole Baker and his sisters Ann and Rachel were baptised at St. Mary’s, Haverhill, and whether his marriage to Mary Jemima -------- took place there as well. On his death his age is given as 63 so his birth likely to be about 1772/3.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Swadlincote, EnglandPosted by LouiseB at 4:01PM on 30th November, 2013. (86.169.xxx.xxx)

Oooh, thank you Willow. According to my records, the John Farrant who married Ann Rooks was the son of Matthew Farrant and Mary Beavis. Matthew was baptised on 17 March 1734/5 (Julian calendar still at that point), the son of George Ferrand who married Elizabeth Sorrell in Jan 1720/1. So... Mary Nunn and John Farrant junior were distant cousins.

Sadly, I couldn\'t get any further back than George and Elizabeth. I wonder if anyone else has done?

haverhill, englandPosted by willow at 6:54PM on 28th November, 2013. (176.248.xxx.xxx)

Hi Louise, this is what I have for the line going back from Sarah 1791, of course I could be so wrong as there are so many Farrants brn around the same time with the same names as you have found out.

George Farrand brn c1700 married Elizabeth Sorrell 13/01/1720 in Haverhill, they had a son Thomas who was brn 1728 who married Mary Stearns 12/11/1749 in Haverhill, they had a son John bpt 21/07/1754 in Haverhill who married Elizabeth Pettitt 28/20,1788.

I believe John Farrant who was married to Mary Iron and then to Mary Nunn was brn 1775 and that he was a soldier for six yrs. His father was John farrant who married Ann Rookes, at the time of Johns bpt which was 08/02/1795,it is written\"son of John and Ann( Rookes) soldier Cambridgeshire Militia and they were living in St Botolph Haverhill.

As far as I am aware my own tree starts with Elizabeth Sorrell and George Farrand as a lot of others do

Please double check as its so easy to put the wrong person in

Hope this will help you.

Swadlincote, EnglandPosted by LouiseB at 10:24PM on 25th November, 2013. (86.183.xxx.xxx)

Hi Willow - given that Robert, son of James and Sarah and Letitia, daughter of Mary and John Farrant were first cousins, I don\'t think the relationship you describe is out of the question.

Because I wasn\'t certain about Sarah\'s parentage I didn\'t trace the John Farrant who married Elizabeth Pettit. I would be interested to see how he fits in with the other Farrant families.

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 8:51PM on 23rd November, 2013. (86.137.xxx.xxx)

Yes Willow- the record office very quickly responded to my email and I was able to search Electoral registers for 1918 and 1929. I found them living at Coupals Cottage in 1929. I am very pleased it was a positive result! :)

haverhill, englandPosted by willow at 7:12PM on 23rd November, 2013. (176.248.xxx.xxx)

Hello Louise, I can not say for sure which Sarah Farrant married James Nunn,I have looked through my files and I have a ? mark against Sarah daughter of John Farrant and Elizabeth Pettitt with James name also there , I have the same problem with George Farrant who is also the son of John Farrant and his first wife Phillis Pearman I believe George is my 3x great granddad who was brn 1779 and married Ann Granger, but can not be 100%.

George and Ann had a son George who I believe married Elizabeth Backler, they had a son George who married Sally Iron, whose father Robert was the brother of Mary Iron wife of John Farrant who ran two families, Mary Irons childrens family,s became Iron.

If Sarah Farrant daughter of John and Elizabeth did marry James Nunn then she and my 3 x great grand dad have the same father.

I have heard from two other people that they believe this is the Sarah who married James Nunn.

haverhill, englandPosted by willow at 4:59PM on 23rd November, 2013. (176.248.xxx.xxx)

Hi Bebe, yes we had a lovely time on the Amalfie Coast everything was really good from start to finish ,since then we have been to one of our daughters for a week ,really enjoyed it.
Hope you have heard from the record office and that they have been able to help you.

At the moment I am helping to research the names of the Haverhill men who were killed in the 2nd world war, and in between I try to do a little bit more on the Farrants , it will be a very long project, still keeps me busy.

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 5:01PM on 17th November, 2013. (86.137.xxx.xxx)

Hi Willow, have you been anywhere nice? Yes, Tony pops up on the Facebook page sometimes. He did say that he couldn\'t help on this. Thank you for asking him. However I have pinged Essex Records Office an email for advice so will have to wait and see. Peter\'s parents were lovely people. I do remember going to Coupals when he was rehearsing in the very early stages of the Vulcans but I don\'t remember the pond tho\'! The youth club was fun! Do you remember us putting on a concert there in the Hall more Sunday School perhaps? The thing I remember most about that is us miming to \"seven little girl sitting in the back seat\" and poor little Robert Beavis being Fred in the back seat. not quite sure who the 7 girls were. You, Rita, Carol. Gwennie, possibly little Lynn Westrope, me and ?So many good memories. What part of your family tree are you working on now? It\'s the right time of year to do it now as we can\'t do gardening. Take care.

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