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Stonehouse , England Posted by LizMorgan at 11:22AM on 19th February, 2021. (78.105.xxx.xxx)

Hi Jo tay. I know it was a long time ago that you posted on this forum but I am a relation to the Patrick family

Toronto, CanadaPosted by SarahHill at 4:54AM on 15th January, 2019. (72.141.xxx.xxx)

To Kathleen Turner who posted the following message. I believe we are related. I am Sarah Hill. David Scott, married to Maria (nee Coppin) was my 2x great grandfather. Please get in touch. I don't know how to do it through this message board. You can find me as buff737 on Ancestry.ca

Posted by Kathleen Turner at 3:48PM on 19th October, 2005. (88.105.xxx.xxx)

I would like any information of My Gt Grandmother, EMILY COPPIN, nee Taylor.In the 1891 census she was living with her daughter, MARIA & her Husband DAVID SCOTT. They lived at 32 Mill Road Haverhill. I have found that she was buried at Haverhill on May 8th 1911. EMILY was married to GEORGE COPPIN of HALSTEAD in 1854. They had eight children of whom ALICE ANNIE was my G Mother

Narrow Neck, New ZealandPosted by Wam at 6:46AM on 3rd June, 2018. (121.74.xxx.xxx)

I have been trying for some time to find info. on my great grandfather William Turpin. Son of John Turpin and grandson of John Turpin both of whom are buried in Haverhill cemetery. Willams first wife Sarah is also buried there.
William married Minnie Louisia Douglas in 1909 and other than finding them on the 1911 census living in Wood Green, I can find nothing else.
Minnie is registered as Lue aged 34 on the census although on her marriage certificate she was aged 40
Can any one help please

Papakura, New ZealandPosted by Thomask at 10:45PM on 4th December, 2017. (119.224.xxx.xxx)

Hello everybody,

My name is Thomas and I am over here in New Zealand. I am hoping someone might be able to assist me with a dead end in my research related to my 3rd Great Grandfather whose name I do not know.

My 2nd Great Grandfathers name is John William SUCKLING, he was born to an "unknown" SUCKLING & Frances Elizabeth TURNER in Essex, England.

Frances Elizabeth TURNER was Christened 10 March 1833 in Steeple Bumpstead to James TURNER and Mary Ann KEMP.

Frances Elizabeth gave birth to Mary Ann SUCKLING (c.1852) and John William SUCKLING (c.1855) Both in Essex, England.

Frances Elizabeth married John Jackson DEED on 07 Jul 1863 at St Mary Battersea, Surrey, England.

John Jackson DEED was christened 01 Dec 1830 at Saint Anne SOHO, Westminster, London

They had a son named Edward Earnest DEED who was christened 24 August 1863, Battersea, Surrey, England.

John Jackson, Frances Elizabeth, John William, Mary Ann & Edward Earnest all emigrated to New Zealand in 1865, they also welcomed William Forster DEED on the journey here as he was born at sea in 1865.

Frances and John went on to have another 4 children here in NZ.

John Jackson DEED died 6 July 1909 in Waiuku, New Zealand.
Frances Elizabeth DEED (nee TURNER) died 11 June 1911 in Waiuku, New Zealand.

In John Jackson DEED's probate files he acknowledges John William SUCKLING and Mary Ann BLAKE (nee SUCKLING) as his step Children, and includes them in a share of his estate along with his 6 other children.

In Frances Elizabeth's probate files she also makes note of John William SUCKLING and Mary Ann BLAKE (nee SUCKLING) along with the children she had with John Jackson DEED while living in New Zealand.

I'm unsure if Frances Elizabeth was married to "Unknown" SUCKLING and and if so weather they divorced or if he died leaving her a widow.

If anyone might be able to help me with any information in regards to the 'unknown" suckling I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks you in advance for your time.
Thomas Kanara

london, United KingdomPosted by Wyndchyme at 1:01AM on 16th October, 2017. (81.107.xxx.xxx)

Hi, I am trying to locate a source to verify information on William Canham, supposedly born in Haverhill c1584. His name of course like so many others, has changed throughout time, and I have found small references to him spelled Wyllyam, and Willum, with surname Canham, Cannam, Cannum.

If anyone has information on William I would appreciate it if they would share with me. I don't want to add him to my family tree without a verifiable source. :)

Thank you in advance,
Happy researching

Co Galway, IrelandPosted by jojo at 10:01PM on 11th August, 2017. (83.136.xxx.xxx)

I know this is a long shot but I only saw this website tonight. A Spencer was looking for Joanne Hatfield back in February of 2001. The message cannot be answered as I am assuming they get deleted after a certain amount of time. This is the said Jo. So if you are still looking I am here :-)

Kind Regards

Alton, United KingdomPosted by Treadgingerly at 4:36PM on 16th July, 2017. (81.157.xxx.xxx)

Hi Jilly, if you get back to me I'm a direct descendant of James Whiffing Siggs and can give you the history of his family to the present day.

omaha, United StatesPosted by shortma1 at 3:03AM on 30th January, 2017. (68.13.xxx.xxx)

Years on My earlier Post regarding John Newton Johnston,born in 1805 Suffolk, England. Around 1821/1824 he left to Canada around age of 17/18. Was raised by nice people and may have worked as a footman to King or such.

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 7:58PM on 4th October, 2016. (86.177.xxx.xxx)

April my advice would be for you to join the Haverhill Family History Group on facebook. Hope you find some living relatives. Good Luck.

Waterlooville, United KingdomPosted by APRIL at 4:13PM on 7th September, 2016. (82.3.xxx.xxx)

My mother's surname was Sizer, and she was born in Steeple Bumpstead in November 1923, although I believe that her father's Surname was really Backler. He married a lady called Florence Bertha Hollington. Are there any relatives still out there?

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 10:49PM on 28th May, 2016. (86.156.xxx.xxx)

* correction * Further to my last post.................. make that Haverhill Family History Group.

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 10:44PM on 28th May, 2016. (86.156.xxx.xxx)

Hi. Not many people seem to be using this site anymore. You might want to try Haverhill History Group on facebook who may be able to assist with your enquiries.

Barmouth, GwyneddPosted by Annieoakley at 2:50PM on 14th May, 2016. (86.172.xxx.xxx)

I am researching my ancestors and would like help in finding my ancestor William Missen (Mizon or variants) born 1564 in Little Thurlow Suffolk. I know his wife's and children's names but cannot trace his parents. I would appreciate any research anyone could share with me.
Thanking you.

Houlton, USAPosted by Mychll33 at 8:53PM on 11th May, 2016. (74.209.xxx.xxx)

I am looking for anyone that is researching the surname BARBER in the Kedington, Little Wratting and/or Great Wratting areas. Charles and Mary (Bowyer) Barber, William and Ellen (Bradford) Barber, John and Elizabeth (Rayson) Barber, John and Mary (Gillman) Barber. My email address is mychll33@aol.com.

Cambridge, CanadaPosted by Wenger at 9:00PM on 3rd May, 2016. (99.254.xxx.xxx)

My Grand Parents were Rosana and Elijah Peverett Elsie Bowden was my Mums sister.I do not have any pictures of the Peveretts.but I may be able to answer any questions......

Armadale, AustraliaPosted by Cazza at 1:55PM on 26th April, 2016. (120.156.xxx.xxx)

HELLO I am Carol Vince and my family are the Peveretts, My Grandfather was William Peverett and he was born at Chapel Farm in 1895. The family lived in Burton end for Years, {Button Enders} He and his brothers Joined the 5th Suffolks in 1914. and he came to Australia in 1923. Any info however small or photos would be greatly appreciated, Elsie Bowden was my cousin.

Posted by amber at 4:48PM on 23rd March, 2016. (86.16.xxx.xxx)

hi i have only just seen your message.i 'm not doing any thing with my farrants as i have had 3 mini strokes one being before xmas,so i am finishing my bapts i am transcribing and that will be the last ,but i have started from the beginning of the parish registers but i am making that my swan song as i already have lymphoma.good bye everyone and happy hunting

Ashford, EnglandPosted by farrant at 10:33AM on 18th March, 2016. (92.29.xxx.xxx)

Hello Amber some of us are still here, hope you are keeping well. Have you got any more info on George Farrant who married Elizabeth Sorrell in 1720 eg were they born in Haverhill area etc. Thank you.

Haverhill, United KingdomPosted by FamilyHistoryGroup at 5:48PM on 15th March, 2016. (86.143.xxx.xxx)

Hi Chris from Brisbane
If you email me at Haverhill@suffolkfhs.org.uk I will send you some information about the Beavis and Argents. Kind regards

Brisbane, AustraliaPosted by Chris at 1:23AM on 13th March, 2016. (14.201.xxx.xxx)

Can anyone look up a marriage in Haverhill 18 July 1823 George Beavis to Elizabeth Argent would like to know who the parents were both born around 1800+ Many Tahnks. Chris

england, United kingdomPosted by charlestearling at 7:58PM on 1st March, 2016. (41.205.xxx.xxx)

This message has been deleted by an administrator.

Posted by amber at 2:40AM on 28th December, 2015. (86.26.xxx.xxx)

where are the people that used to use this board? i am interested in the pledgers and the farrants.

london, ukPosted by finodebana at 7:31AM on 20th November, 2015. (31.6.xxx.xxx)

This message has been deleted by an administrator.

Posted by amber at 3:00PM on 2nd October, 2015. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

where is the administrator ? you need to get rid of the mail about dr hoodoo you can see its rubbish but there are vulnerable people out here in the real world who need protecting from this sort of scum

new york, USAPosted by anonymox111 at 2:45PM on 2nd October, 2015. (85.17.xxx.xxx)

This message has been deleted by an administrator.

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by somewhereinsuffolk at 6:37PM on 1st October, 2015. (83.195.xxx.xxx)

Why have the below posts not been deleted?

new york, USAPosted by anonymox111 at 5:21PM on 1st October, 2015. (83.170.xxx.xxx)

This message has been deleted by an administrator.

new york, USAPosted by anonymox111 at 5:21PM on 1st October, 2015. (83.170.xxx.xxx)

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Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Hfhg at 9:44AM on 19th September, 2015. (86.136.xxx.xxx)


Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Hfhg at 9:43AM on 19th September, 2015. (86.136.xxx.xxx)

Put a post on the Haverhill family history Facebook page and hopefully you will get a response.

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