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London, EnglandPosted by Laurie1 at 0:19AM on 20th July, 2015. (82.132.xxx.xxx)

Looking for any local researcher or family connected to The Piper's that originated from Withersfield and Haverhill C 1670 - 1800
Am having difficulties with my tree


Adelaide, AustraliaPosted by Princess Fiona at 2:06PM on 12th June, 2015. (124.169.xxx.xxx)

Tifarr, sorry, only just saw your message. Can you email me on


Sydney, AustraliaPosted by Alex8 at 7:54AM on 20th March, 2015. (49.182.xxx.xxx)

I have recently started to research my family.
I'm hoping to find people that are also researching them, or who can give me some advice on good places to look.
They are the Jobsons of Helions Bumpstead and I think some at Haverhill as well.
Charles Jobson who married Mary Hitchen and had Clara in 1863
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
I live in Australia, so can only research via the internet.
Email me at singlemumwithalitter@gmail.com

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by tifarr at 11:07AM on 28th February, 2015. (2.216.xxx.xxx)

Princess Fiona, Australia. I left a message for you on banter by mistake, meant to put it on genealogy.
Ref Buttle and Whiting.

London, EnglandPosted by Laurie1 at 1:41AM on 16th February, 2015. (82.132.xxx.xxx)

Looking for any information on Piper families from Withersfield Haverhill or Risbridge ( sorry if same area ) my family originate from this area c1710 a John Piper and Mary Boyden .
Welcome any information

Brisbane, AustraliaPosted by Chris at 1:26AM on 21st December, 2014. (14.201.xxx.xxx)

Mine are related to Joseph Beavis b. 1829 m Mary Ann Cornell 1849 any help?

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 8:17PM on 10th November, 2014. (86.152.xxx.xxx)

It was always a river when I was a kid, even when it ran dry! ;)

Haverhill, UKPosted by cangle boy at 5:24PM on 29th October, 2014. (86.140.xxx.xxx)

Not when it floods. :-)

haverhill, englandPosted by truelocal at 9:18PM on 28th October, 2014. (90.219.xxx.xxx)

A ditch I think its called ;)

Haverhill, UKPosted by cangle boy at 4:05PM on 25th October, 2014. (86.180.xxx.xxx)

Why did they build The Cangle School over a river.

Mailhac sur Benaize, FrancePosted by LindaClayden at 7:20AM on 22nd September, 2014. (90.60.xxx.xxx)

Hello All, This is a long shot I know, but I found an old posting from 2008 as below, but I am unable to contact this person. I may have some useful information. We have just returned from the WW1 cemeteries in the Somme, France.
Posted by vickisue at 3:53PM on 3rd October, 2008. (92.3.xxx.xxx)

hello I am new to this site but i am hoping that there is someone out there that might be able to help with tracing my ancestors.My gt grandparents were from steeple bumpstead.Their surname was clayden,george and elizabeth and they had nine children.Although most of them moved away from essex,their eldest son also named george!! remained.He married ada clayden (just to make life a little more complicated)I am trying to find out any information about my gt uncle and gt aunt.I beleive they had a son called ernest in 1910 but have otherwise drawn a blank.If there is anyone who is connected to the clayden family in steeple bumpstead please get in touch.thanks.

haverhill, suffolkPosted by timbuck at 1:26AM on 19th September, 2014. (2.103.xxx.xxx)


haverhill, suffolkPosted by timbuck at 1:25AM on 19th September, 2014. (2.103.xxx.xxx)

Time gone past

SUDBURY, UKPosted by Dennyg at 12:35AM on 13th September, 2014. (5.70.xxx.xxx)

Hi. I am researching the Hudson family who lived in Haverhill in 1917. They lived at \"2 Swan Yard\", Haverhill.

\"Alfred Howard Hudson\" was married to \"Elizabeth Saunders\" and lived in Haverhill around 1917.
They both lived at number \"2 Swan Yard in Haverhill\".
They had a lot of children.
My Gt Uncle Robert Hudson was born at \"2 Swan Yard\" in 1917.
I knew him very well, as he and my Aunt Anne (Golding) helped bring me up from a small baby,

\"He would tell me about how he and his siblings were split up when they were children but never told me any more than that.
That is the mystery I am trying to solve\".

Does anyone know of the Hudson family and would there have been an orphanage or (the likes) in that area at the time ?

I have attached a photograph of my Uncle - Robert Hudson.

Thank you so much. Denise

Posted by amber at 12:31AM on 13th September, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

aggus is a surname but there are variations spellings they seem to be far and few so where ever i see any i record them.when my grannies mother died she moved from stepney to stay with her grannie in tillingham essex.it took us years to fing where she had gone to stay along with two of her siblinge,all she remembered was that she had gone to stay with grannie in the country.her grandfather john was born in occold sfk but as parents were ag labs they seem to have moved around so john seems to have been the only child bpt there.have found aggus/aggass/aggiss in these places and time1765 kirby le sk/ 1738 thorpe le soken/1762 mickfield/1811 st lawrence, but cannot link them as all mine.they seemed to move a lot as they were labs in census they were in the following places 1851 tillingham essex,1861 tillingham,1841 one was in upminster essex, in 1780 my earliest grandfather was born in bpt in occold my grt grt grd mother married in malden. william aggus a sibling married elizabeth nurse in mildenhall 1843. i have not found any family since i found one of these ancient grd fathers camefrom belgium by way of rotterdam where he said he was born.

Southend-on-Sea, EnglandPosted by Daft Ada at 1:10AM on 13th September, 2014. (77.96.xxx.xxx)

Hi there, saw your post on the Haverhill site and I too am researching Woollards that seem to have come from West Wickham (Cambs) and Withersfield (Suffolk). Perhaps you can e-mail me on Sue@crowstone.co.uk and we can exchange details.

Southend-on-Sea, EnglandPosted by Daft Ada at 1:04AM on 13th September, 2014. (77.96.xxx.xxx)

Ive heard of Agers but not Aggus. Could there be a variant spelling here Amber?

haverhill, suffolkPosted by timbuck at 7:38PM on 9th September, 2014. (80.43.xxx.xxx)

Might give it a go.......going back to the future

haverhill, suffolkPosted by timbuck at 7:36PM on 9th September, 2014. (80.43.xxx.xxx)

Interesting site........

Chelmsford, EnglandPosted by Rita B at 5:41PM on 23rd August, 2014. (89.168.xxx.xxx)

Hi Jilly,
I can help you a bit with James Wiffin Siggs. Yes his father was Matthew Siggs, born about 1743, ( I think in Haverhill ) he was an apprentice to William Miller of Castle Camps a Butcher on the 19th Sep 1763, he married 1st wife Ann Leonard 4th of Oct. 1769 in Castle Camps, they had a son John born 25 Dec.1769, then a daughter Sarah Leonard Siggs born 1771. \" Sigs April 15th 1771 Ann wife and Sarah daughter of Matthew Sigs died at Castle Camps \" Matthew Siggs widower and Elizabeth Bayness spinster of this parish married by Lic. 3rd Oct. 1775 Castle Camps, they had 4 children Elizabeth Bayness Siggs born 1776, William b 1776 ( found nothing on him ) James Wiffin Siggs, and Charles Thomas b. 1790 married Ann Emson 7th Oct. 1813 both of Shudy Camps, I found Matthew`s will in it he left £30 a year to his wife Elizabeth, £10 a year to his daughter Ann Turpin wife of Thomas Turpin, £100 to his son John and everything else to his son Charles, he left property in Shudy Camps and Withersfield. ( I think his farm? was \" Shardelow in Shudy Camps ) Matthew died 7th June 1826 age 83 and Elizabeth died 24th jan 1830 age 79 at Castle Camps. I dont know who Matthew`s parents are, but I do know that I found Obidiah Siggs married Elizabeth Spicer they had 4 children Obidiah b.1677. Elizabeth b. 1678, Barnabus b. 1679 d. 1706, Matthew b. 1680 married Elizabeth Stern 3rd Feb. 1707/8 in Haverhill they had 4 children John b 1715 married Jane Tanner 26th June 1743 he died 1796 in Haverhill workhouse, Elizabeth b. 1710, Sarah b. 1713, and Matthew b. 1708 ( I have not found a marriage for this Matthew, could this be the father of Matthew b. 1743?) I hope this will help you.

PEREGIAN SPRINGS, AustraliaPosted by Jilly at 5:49AM on 23rd August, 2014. (110.143.xxx.xxx)

Hi, I\'m trying to locate any info on the following Siggs or Whiffing families from Haverhill. James Whiffing Siggs b 1777 d 1821; married 1803 to Mary Ann Whiffing b abt 1783. I THINK James father was Matthew Siggs b 1753 married 1775 to Elizabeth Baynes b 1753 d 1830. Can anyone please help or give me more informatiohn? :D Jilly

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by somewhereinsuffolk at 8:07AM on 15th July, 2014. (83.195.xxx.xxx)

Last post should have been on the Banter board...sorry :(

Haverhill, Great BritainPosted by somewhereinsuffolk at 7:48AM on 15th July, 2014. (83.195.xxx.xxx)

Lovely sunny day in the Vendee(85),so grass cutting,weed killer on the driveway and a BBQ in the late afternoon.With some nice cold wine I hasten to add.

Beverley, United KingdomPosted by jean21 at 7:57AM on 7th July, 2014. (159.253.xxx.xxx)

To Joanpfrimmer. Hope you had a succesful visit to Toronto. Seems Emily had a large family. I am using Family Tree Maker to record all the ancestors. I have quite a collection of birth, marriage and death certificates and they do help with further research. It would be appreciated if you are willing to advise me of Emily and Ambrose\'s 10 children, ie their names, date of births and deaths with places so I can fill In these gaps. So do you know why Emily decided to immigrate to Canada? It would be interesting to know. Hope the family kerfuffle is resolved. Look foward to hearing from you soon. All the best.

oromedonte, CanadaPosted by joanpfrimmer at 1:04PM on 4th July, 2014. (99.238.xxx.xxx)

To Beverley-Sorry I didn\'t get back to you earlier-family kerfuffle. I would be happy to get back to you via e-mail, but I should warn you I am long-winded. Not sure what information you want, but will be happy to send whatever. I am going to the Archives in Toronto Sat to get a better copy of Emily\'s death reg.In short an Emily Smith married Ambrose Barber and had a family of 10 kids-my great-grandfather being the 2nd born. Ambrose died in 1911, buried in Haverhill Cemetery. I had no idea the rest of the family moved to Canada until recently, just need 2 marriages to complete(Archives). I believe Emily arrived in Canada with Jane In 1912? The rain has stopped here, the sun is shining and life is grand, and I hope you have a good day and I will chat later, thanks for your help,Joan

Ely, United KingdomPosted by Bebe at 8:45PM on 29th June, 2014. (31.51.xxx.xxx)

Does anyone know anything about a farmer called John Pell who was living in Wixoe at the time of the 1911 census? it would seem my Grandmother and her sister were in service there. Was it a farmhouse? Thanks in advance.

Posted by amber at 12:28AM on 28th June, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

my daughter does most of the research now i spend time transcribing parish records for suffolk family history society.but i have flashes of inspiration and the other year i contacted the president of a society in holland to see if he would look for the birth of a grandfather and he traced him from rotterdam to ypres and as the isacc newton society had been looking for him for years he published a little book about him and we found he was buried in the quaker buriel ground in woodbridge.

Posted by amber at 12:16AM on 28th June, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

jean we keep having brick walls we have grandparents who married in 1618 and hope to trace the female eventually but her husband was a russian and although someone went to russia as he was writing a book about him he found it impossible to trace him but we know all about his life,unfortunately the author died before the book was published .another family came from ypres in belgium and were preachers and moved up to holland and ours came here from rotterdam,he was an alchemist and a surgeon and he was with isacc newton and some of his papers are in museums like the bodlien ,in fact some are with isacc newtons as they cannot tell which is which.we have found we do not really have a right to our family name as back in the 1600 although our grandmother was married to a man of that name the father of her son was a wealthy batchelor and he educated his son and left half his money and property to his son and an illegitimate daughter.my young grand daughter is very interested.a few years ago my grand daughter had to do a talk in front of the pupils at school and she took her copies to school and the teachers borrowed them to read in their lunch time.

Beverley, United KingdomPosted by jean21 at 2:06PM on 27th June, 2014. (159.253.xxx.xxx)

To Amber. You are right about that. I have found some interesting stories and family mysteries. Managed to solve all but one of them and am resigned to the fact that I never will. I love visiting the places where my and husbands ancestors once lived and worked. Are you still family researching Amber? Bet you have traced your family back a long way if you have been researching for 40 years. Kind regards.

Posted by amber at 5:46PM on 26th June, 2014. (82.11.xxx.xxx)

the longer you work on your history the more interesting members you unearth

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