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September 1994

Rare car is a driving force (1994-09-15)

Haverhill News

A Cadillac like no other, which was produced in Haverhill, is taking centre stage for the launch of the town's Enterprise 2000 initiative on Wednesday.


Speed med starved of ball (1994-09-15)

Haverhill News

Haverhill knew exactly what they had to do to beat their opponents: starve the Brightlingsea pack of possession and frustrate their speedy three-quarters.


School could recall weavers (1994-09-15)

Haverhill News

Town and Borough councillor Aldine Horrigan is calling for further debate on future use of the former Cangle School and wants to know the views of people in the town.


Cash adds Christmas Sparkle (1994-09-15)

Haverhill News

Added Christmas cheer for Haverhill's Town Centre this year comes in the form of a financial boost from the Borough Council for the provision of Lights and decorations.


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