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February 1995

Anger as foxes killed (1995-02-23)

Haverhill News

A woman who has found two dead foxes in her garden at Haverhill since Christmas believes someone must be poisoning them.


Keeping fit, with adrian (1995-02-23)

Haverhill News

A Fitness event at Parkway Middle School in Haverhill was given a boost by a visit from local footballing hero Adrian Clarke, who made his first team debut for Arsenal just before Christmas.


Plans for VE Day (1995-02-23)

Haverhill News

A street party 1940s style in Haverhill town centre is one of the ideas put forward for VE day celebrations by new town council leisure worker Nick Keeble.


School plays host to latest technology (1995-02-23)

Haverhill News

Pictures of Saturn direct from Nasa, weather reports from Antarctica and contact with a German magazine publisher were available in minutes to librarians visiting a Haverhill school.


Sturmer steps up to campaign for by-pass (1995-02-23)

Haverhill News

Angry villagers at Sturmer plan to launch a placard carrying protest and disrupt traffic to step up their campaign for a by-pass.


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