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April 2003

Fears over Road Safety (2003-04-08)

Haverhill News

A HAVERHILL woman says traffic problems near her home are "diabolical" and someone could be killed unless some-thing is done.


Fear for Pupils' Safety (2003-04-09)

Haverhill News

A SCHOOL in Haverhill is campaigning for a zebra crossing to be provided so pupils can cross the road safely.


Self Defense Classes back by Demand (2003-04-16)

Haverhill News

SELF DEFENCE classes for women at Haverhill have proved so popular that more are being organised for next month.


Priests Indecent Images of Young Boys (2003-04-23)

Haverhill News

POLICE caught a Catholic priest with child pornography after he used his credit card to pay for the pictures.


Woman's Shock as Car Smashes into Garden (2003-04-23)

Haverhill News

A WOMAN has described the terrifying moment a car smashed through her garden wall as she lay on the sofa watching television.


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