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October 2003

Woman Badly Injured On Danger Road (2003-10-02)

Haverhill News

A WOMAN is in a serious condition in Addenbrooke's Hospital after a three-car crash on the A1307 near Linton yesterday.


Man Denies Being Hit and Run Driver (2003-10-02)

Haverhill News

A Haverhill man has denied driving a van linked to a hit and run death.


Driver Jailed after Fatal Crash (2003-10-09)

Haverhill News

A man has been jailed after driving a van drunk in a fatal hit and run accident.


Travelling Minister's New Post (2003-10-09)

Haverhill News

New Methodist Minister, Graeme Hall, has travelled from the Lake District to take over at Haverhill and Weston Colville churches.


David's Rewarded for his Faith (2003-10-16)

Haverhill News

A 12 year old boy has overcome dyspraxia and learning difficulties to gain a church award.


Final Battle Over Cut-Price Leisure (2003-10-16)

Haverhill News

One of the most political issues dividing councillors on St Edmundsbury Borough Council comes up on Monday.


Plans To Go Digital (2003-10-21)

Haverhill News

CALLS for more CCTV cameras in Haverhill are unlikely to be answered for two years, because the system for the whole borough is due to be replaced by a new digital one in 2005.


Murder Trial Told of Fight (2003-10-22)

Haverhill News

A MAN who was allegedly stabbed by his childhood friend over a woman "looked like a wild animal" when he found the pair together, a court was told.


Councillor Bids To Axe Leisure Events (2003-10-22)

Haverhill News

Proposals have been made to cut spending on leisure activities in the town, by Haverhill Representative Alliance (HRA) town councillor, Mabon Dane.


Council Leisure Chief in Redundancy Shock (2003-10-22)

Haverhill News

The man who has masterminded the major leisure projicts in the Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds areas for the past 15 years found himself out of a job last week.


Support For Police Chief Welcomed (2003-10-23)

Haverhill News

Haverhill's police chief has welcomed the town council's public statement to support local ploice in tackling fear of crime.


Woman Died Before Tumour Was Found (2003-10-27)

Haverhill News

A HAVERHILL woman died from a rare tumour before doctors could find out what was wrong with her, an inquest has heard.


Planners Give Tesco Proposal Thumbs Down (2003-10-30)

Haverhill News

Planners have opposed proposals for a Tesco supermarket, claiming it offered "no benefit to the town centre".


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