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William Thake   = 1 Elizabeth Pamment m  26.01.1779

“William Thake of this parish (Haverhill) single man and Elizabeth Pamment of this parish single woman by banns, Thomas Crick, curate, witnesses Thomas Farrant and Barnabas Webb.”
Son of marriage;  Richard Thake b1781. Elizabeth was buried at Haverhill 03.04.1782

= 2 Ann Pannel m 08.10.1783
William Thake, widower and Ann Pannel, both of this parish (Haverhill)
by banns R. Gregory, witnesses William Pannel and Thomas Webb”.
Ann Pannel Thake buried at Haverhill  06.12.1807 aged 49.
Children of the marriage;
Susan Thake b25.02.1787
William Thake b1790
John Thake, baptised 1794 , 2 years old
Mary Thake, buried 28.08.1797 aged 3 weeks

Richard Thake b 1781 =  Elizabeth Scotcher b 1781, m1801. Richard was an agricultural labourer. The first three children of the marriage were at ”Street” Haverhill. Before the birth of the fourth child, Harriet Scotcher Thake the family moved to Burton End, Haverhill.

1. Elizabeth Thake b17.03.1802, baptised 11.08.1802

2. Richard Thake b1804
= Charlotte Wright b1807  of Helions Bumpstead

From the birth of their first child, Emily Thake in 1826, Richard and Charlotte Thake lived at Burton End, Haverhill. Richard Thake, an agricultural labourer, was convicted at Suffolk Quarter Sessions 16.07.1830 and sentenced to be transported for 14 years for stealing a quantity of wheat from the barn of John Antrim of Coombs, having previously convicted of a felony. He sailed on the ”John” 09.10.1830 together with 200 convicts to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania), arriving 28.01.1831.

2.1 Emily Thake b 29.04.1826, baptised 24.09.1826

2.2 James Thake b09.03. 1828, baptised06.06.1828 married 1849 Rebecca Webb, b1833, died1912, needlewoman in C61. James Thake was first an agricultural labourer, and in C81 he was a bricklayer. The family lived in Crowlands Yard


2.2.1. Henry Thake* b 1851 married Mary Ann 1879 William Harry Thake*  b1879

2.2.2. Harriet Thake b05.07.1856 married Daniel Webb. In C81 – sewing machine worker Frank Thake, bb.son of Harriet Thake, b24.12.1877. Father described as a horseman

2.2.3. Elizabeth Thake* b1859

2.2.4. Richard Thake*  b1865, d1957 = Sarah Farrant. General labourer in C81

2.2.5. John William Thake*  b22.02.1867, baptised 04.10.1867, d10.10.1867

2.2.6. James Thake*  b1868, married Annie M.Basham, d1945

Children Sophia Thake* b1891, m – Arbor |921 Harry Samuel Thake* b30.04.1893, d1970 Edwin John Thake*, b1895, d1956,  married Rose Patrick Ernest Thake* b1898 Florence Thake* b1900  Wilfred George Thake* b27.02.1904, d1981 married Emma Jarmin 25.12.1928. Emma was born 24.12.1904. Wilfred George was also known as George William

2.2.6. Kate Thake*  b1870, married John King 1891

2.2.7. Harry Thake, b15.03.1871, baptised 07.09.1871

2.2.8. George Thake b10.05.1873 married 1889

2.2.9. William Thake b30.05.1875, d1956 married Esther

2.2.11. John Thake b21.03.1878, d1961 married Esther Whybow         

            Children; Clifford J.Thake* b1899, d1980 = -Farrant George  William Thake, b1901, d1967 married –Beavis

2.3 Rebecca Thake b1831 (Webb) = 1849, d1912

2.4 William Whiffen , bb.son of William Whiffen and Charlotte Thake, b21.04.1833, baptised 11.08.1833. Charlotte’s was living at tBurton End and her occupation; weaver.

2.5 Elizabeth Thake, bb.daughter of Stephen (Webb) and Charlotte Thake b04.05.1836, baptised 25.12.1836. Charlotte Thake wwas still living at Burton End. Elizabeth Thake married  Jabez Gowers

2.6 Lydia Thake* b1838 = Henry Shipp 1881. In an interview by the Daily Mirror on her 100th birthday Lydia expressed a great wish to travel in an aeroplane.


2.6.1. David Thake bb.son of Lydia Thake b17.08.1856, d1865

2.6.2  Harry Thake b 1859 = Mary Ann Barratt of Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire. In C81 Harry was a clothing factory hand and so was his wife, Mary Ann.  Mother-in-law Charlotte Barratt, a widow of 57 was living with them in Crowland Road and she was a finisher of factory work

Son: William Harry /Henry WilliamThake* b1889

2.6.3 Walter Thake*,  b1866 = Mary Martha Cannon. Walter served in the Royal Artillery in India

Children;  Albert Edward Thake* b08.08.1897 at 29 Floral Street, Plymouth. He married Winnifred Veale. He died 14.10.1969.  Charles Henry Thake*,  b1899 at Plymouth, d1959  Harold Stanley Thake d1941. He joined the Royal Marines in World War Two and lost his life serving King and country when the troopship HMS Anselm was torpedoed in the North Atlantic 08.07.1941  Walter Thake b1902 at Devonport. Walter lost his life in a tragic fairground accident in 1924 when he managed to save the life of a child from under a traction engine.  Ellen Thake married Harry Cude  Alice Maud  Thake*,  b1909 at Plymouth, married Charles Phillips  Arthur Thake, b1912 at Plymouth  Edith May  Thake*,  b1913 at Plymouth

2.6.4 John Thake* b1871, d 1884

2.6.5 Celia Thake*, b1873, d1873

2.6.6 James Thake*,  b1874, d1881

2.7 Stephen Thake* b1840, d1958

2.8 Esther Thake* b1841, d1846

2.9 John Thake* b1844

2.10 Sarah Thake* b 1846, married 1869

2.11 Henry Thake* b1848, d1848

3 Henry Thake b1807, d1807, buried at Haverhill 22.09.1807, aged 9 months

4 Phoebe Thake b12.09.1809 = Henry Benton m1830

5 James Thake b 02.02.1812

6 Harriet Scotcher Thake, b19.09.1814, baptised 25.12.1817, sewster in C41

7 Charlotte Thake b25.01.1817, baptised25.12.1817

8 John Scotcher Thake, b06.09.1819, baptised 03.10.1819, dyer in C41

9 Henry Fuller Thake, b06.06.1822, baptised 07.07.1822. ”Fuller” was Henry’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name. Henry married Emma Brown, a Haverhill girl . Henry was a  bricklayer in C41, C61, when the family was living at Pear Hill. In C81 Emma was a widow living in Mill Road


9.6 Emma Thake*, b1850

9.7 Sarah Thake b1852, seamstress in C81

9.8 Henry Fuller Thake* b1854 married Isabel The family lived at 3/4 Pighile. In 1881 Henry Fuller was a builder employing 5 men,  and he was also the parish clerk. .


9.3.1. Harry Fuller/Brown Thake b20.03.1881 married Mary Ann Ballard,. .

9.3.2. Lizzie Isabel Thake b20.03.1881

9.3.3. John Thomas Thake*,  b06.04.1883, d1886

9.3.4. John Fuller Thake*  b07.07.1888 married Mildred Ella Challis

9.9 John Scotcher Thake*,  b1857, seller/carrier in C81, d1893

9.10 Phoebe Elizabeth Thake*, b1860, machinist in C81, married Herbert Halls

9.11 William James Thake* b1863, d1919

C = census records
* = birth recorded at St.Catherine’s House, London

Following normal practice I have omitted the details of living Thakes for this page.
The full document is available to members of the families by e-mail
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Email Dated : 14/01/2001

Author : Derek Murphy

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