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Memories of Haverhill - Collin Turpin

(Email Dated 30/03/2000)
Around 1937 my Dad met my Mother who was from Radwinter. They got married and moved to London to make their own life. Late in World War II our family got bombed out where we were living on Clarence Road, Teddington, Middlesex.

I was about 5 or 6 at the time and I was sent to Haverhill to stay with my Gran & Grandad Dick & Alice Turpin at 48 Hamlet Rd. He was a part time policeman, and he once owned or part owned or operated a garage in the high street, called "Turpin & King". I think it later became "Cleales". It could be the same place that David Withers is referring to in his memories.

I vaguely remember going to the Cangle school down by the station. What a walk (plod) that was from the other end of town.

Anyway, I was watching a movie on PBS the other evening called "Goodnight Mr. Tom" and saw the name of the station was Weirwold, so I punched it into the web as "UK town Weirwold" search. What came up as the #1 hit was Haverhill - Imagine my surprise. Still can't find the reference to Weirwold though.

I was kinda saddened to see the chat room with so many negative comments about the place. Still like I say I was living there back in the '40's when I could walk across the street to the city dump & walk up the hill amid corn fields. That is all housing now & as I recall the High Street is not even a thoroughfare any more. I remember climbing up the banking by the arches to put farthings on the track & have the trains squash them flat. (I also got a mild thrashing for going near the track when Gramps found out about it.) I remember the weekly family bath in the wood fired "Copper" out back. At least they had a flushing "throne" out back but kept the g'zunders for night calls. Also the collection of pennies for the gas meter for cooking. I remember watching "doodlebugs" flying by on what I now guess was off course. Probably meant for Cambridge.

I'd be happy to e-Mail with anyone that wants to.

I love the website.

Collin Turpin - Collin.Turpin@ae.ge.com

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