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Memories of Haverhill

MemoriesOver the past years people who have visited the Haverhill web site have sent in emails with their memories of what Haverhill used to be.

Click on the names below for a personal insight into Haverhill's past.

If you have any memories of Haverhill that you would like to share, please feel free to Email Us.

Memories of ... Year ... Subject ...
Frances Osborn 1912-1965 Kibble, Gurteen, Pryke, Hamlet Road, Withersfield Road, Wratting Road
Mark Worsley 1980 Place Farm, Castle Manor, Beaumont Court
Ken Bailey 1928 Recreation Rd, Dardanelles, Clements Lane, Burton End
  1930's How we lived in the Thirties
Collin Turpin 1937 Hamlet Road, Cleales Garage, Cangle School
David Withers 1943 Changes in Haverhill around 1960
Liam Kennedy 1963 Life in Haverhill 1963 to 1981
Malcom Thomas 1964 Clements Estate, Cangle & Haverhill Secondary Modern Schools

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