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The History of Haverhill

Welcome to the Haverhill-UK History Pages. Here you will find articles about Haverhill and its historical past, as well as people's memories of the town and their personal insights.. Our thanks goes to all organisations and individuals that have allowed us to reproduce the articles below. If you have any information that could be published here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Anne of Cleaves House
Suffolk Family History Society
The Haverhill Family History Group have a number of pages on this site dedicated to Genealogy. Their pages include unique on-line searchable databases of the 1891 census for Haverhill and the surrounding villages as well as the Haverhill burial records.
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Haverhill Roll of Honour
For more information about this exciting project
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History Articles - (Click to View)

An Introduction to Haverhill
Taken from the 'Welcome to Haverhill' Brochure, available from the Haverhill Library.
A Bit About Haverhill
Taken from 'The Haverhill Directory' published by the Haverhill Town Council.
The History of Haverhill
An informative account of Haverhill's history written and researched by Michael Horne.
Haverhill was Named after a Pirate
This article is as printed in "The Haverhill Echo" 1971
The Old Windmills of Haverhill
Did you know there used to be windmills in Haverhill?
This article is as printed in "The Haverhill Echo" 1971
Haverhill Ship Money Returns
Ship money was a form of taxation originally used to raise money to finance the shore defences including ships but around 1630 was changed to being a method of raising tax revenue from around the country but still continued to be called ship money.
Early 17th Century Parish Constables
A list revealing some of Haverhill's constables of the early 17th century.
Early 17th Century Parish Aletasters
Some 17th century aletasters of Haverhill.

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