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Haverhill Ship Money Returns

[Ship money was a form of taxation originally used to  raise money to finance the shore defences including ships but around 1630 was changed to being a method of raising tax revenue from around the country but still continued to be called ship money]
30th March 1640 19 - 6s-7d
Eyre, Edw., for his eccles. Estate  9s- 0d
Cole, Thos., Esq.    1-17s- 0d
Cole, Nich.  1-17s- 0d
Miller, Wm. 1-17s- 0d
Cole, Robt.  10s- 0d
Ferrand, Francis  3s- 0d
Cannam, Paul   18s- 6d
Wiffen, Mary 12s- 0d
Purcas, Thos.  13s- 9d
Rowles, Robt.  10s- 0d
Sharpe, Wm. 2s- 0d
Alders, Jn. 15s- 0d
Barbor, Jn.  9s- 0d
Harvie, Jn.  16s-10d
Scrivener, Robt. 3s-  0d
Burton, Wm. 7s-  0d
Barbour, Wm.  4s-  0d
Davie, Thos.  3s-  0d
Church, wid 2s-  0d
Pechay, Saml. 12s-  0d
Bridge, Saml  7s-  6d
Smith, Greg.  4s-  6d
Catline, Jn. 5s-  6d
Catline, Jos.  2s-  6d
Dike, Thos  6s-  0d
Adams, Thos 2s-  0d
Page, Jn. 1s-  0d
Humphrey, Anth.  2s-  0d
Lovett, Thos. 2s-  0d
Tattersole, Robt.   6d
Jarvice, Thos.  2s-  0d
French, Frances, wid.   2s-  0d
Jobson, Wm.    2s-  0d
Heskett, Thos. 3s-  0d
Bowes, Wm.  1s-  6d
Argent, Thos.  3s-  7d
Ewin, Wm.  1s-  6d 
Chapman, Thos.    1s-  6d
Gridsy, Wm. 1s-  0d
Browne, Jn.  1s-  6d
Wilshire, Seth  1s-  6d
Borun, Nathnl.  1s-  7d
Whiting, Jn.    1s-  6d
Whitehead, Saml.  1s-  0d
Clarke, Robt.  1s-  0d
Miller, Thos.  1s-  0d
Hurst, Jn.     1s-  0d
Mortlocke, Jn.  3s-  6d
Darkin, Robt.  8s-  0d
Corbye, Robt.  3s-  0d
Harrison, Elias 1s-  0d
Coppin, Thos.    7d
Bendish, T. gent.  4s-  0d
Allen, R., clk. 12s-  0d
Rolph, Edw.  4s-  6d
Members & Fellows of Queens College, Cambridge   5s-  0d

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